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Nettool WOL can on up to five computers on the Internet or be switched off.



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NetTool WOL

Nettool WOL is a program specially designed to make the arrival and powering off computers remotely over the Internet or on a network. Nettool WOL is available as shareware on the Internet for downloading. The trend of WOL wake-on-LAN, freely translated "wake up on a local network or by using the network card" of more and more users used. Nettool WOL offers you this opportunity now. In doing so, the program has a graphical user interface and can be used on up to five computers.

Nettool WOL offers a number of useful features. So for example the address calculation on a MAC with Nettool WOL works automatically. The online/offline testing takes place in this program using ping. If you use the Microsoft remote desktop, Nettool WOL allows even a remote of computer within a network. The WOL system was developed, also with Nettool WOL, to ensure a standard to a switched-off computer by using a network card. Nettool WOL is intended for the private user. The manufacturer provides a similar program with advanced features for commercial needs.

Nettool WOL is available as shareware with limited capabilities for free download on the Internet. If you want the full functionality of the program, a paid registration is required. While the full version with about 9 euros is cheap to acquire. If you want to test the program first of all, you need to press only the download button. Then simply follow the instructions on the screen. Within a short time, you have successfully installed Nettool WOL. To install the program on other computers and to get more information about the program, you can take the help feature in the claim.

Operation and functions of Nettool WOL

• Turn off your computer over the Internet.
• Automatic address detection on MAC.
• Online/offline testing with Ping.
• Graphical user interface.
• Use when remote maintenance via the Microsoft remote desk.
• Free shareware for downloading.

System requirements and download

Nettool WOL is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 2003 and 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. A free shareware version is available on the Internet to download. To use all functions of the program, a paid registration is required. These can be made up at any time.

Description of the version: NetTool WOL

NetTool WOL program stands for wake on LAN, and can you remotely over the network on the PC and turn off. The program is suitable for your home use and is possible even on a specific PC. Again, with the added WOW client, you can start a computer over the Internet. The software includes a timer function, with which you are planning all functions.

The main features of NetTool WOL in the basic version

• Use wake on LAN in different subnets.
• Control PCs with the WOW client on the Internet.
• Automatic startup and shutdown with timer function.
• Find your system configuration and status.

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