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NetSpeedMonitor (32 bit) measures the speed and the amount of data in your network card.



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NetSpeedMonitor (32 Bit)

With the free software NetSpeedMonitor (32 bit) you will find out how much band pulps you actually consume, because the download, upload, and had of your network card will be displayed continuously.

The free software NetSpeedMonitor (32 bit) measures the speed and amount of data your network card in real time. This shows you at any time using the tool. So NetSpeedMonitor (32-bit) displays the exact up - and download speed you, you just reach. The functions of download and upload traffic, find out how much data can be transferred. In addition the tool shows you which of your programs get in touch with the Internet. The had will show the statistics on the meetings, days, and months. The free tool is very compact and fits into the Windows taskbar. It informs you in real time about the sent and received data volumes, you can also watch you in daily or monthly statistics. At any time, a brief overview of the current status is available. All data is stored as statistics in an open source SQLite3 database. In addition the tool informs you in detail all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system. so with local addresses, remote addresses the current status of your connection.

The appearance of NetSpeedMonitor (32 bit) is optional. In the context menu, you can change the interface under "Configuration" according to your ideas. The user interface can be change to here also in German. If you want, you can switch through several network adapters, for example for Wi-Fi or Ethernet. NetSpeedMonitor (32 bit) has been developed for Windows and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2003. You will need no additional drivers for the installation.

You can sometimes download NetSpeedMonitor (32 bit) with us. Simply click on the download button and the download begins.

Description of the version: NetSpeedMonitor (32 Bit)

The latest version of NetSpeedMonitor is waiting with some improvements. The developers have added the monitoring of network speed, and the records of traffic flow data bank now in a SQLite. In addition, there is the function "ToolTip" now. This shows a brief overview of the traffic. The version is now multilingual and available in German. Also, it now supports 32 and 64 bit operating systems and requires no additional drivers more.

The current features of the NetSpeedMonitors version

• Monitoring the network speed
• Recording in a SQLite database
• New function tooltip
• Multilingual
• Supports 32 and 64 bit operating systems
• Requires no additional drivers

NetSpeedMonitor (32 Bit) netspeedmonitor-32-bit

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