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The NetSpeedMonitor provides monitoring of the network speed, the amount of data and much more.



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Netspeedmonitor is the right to control and monitor, the own network connection. The advantage of this is that you easily can run it in the background of the taskbar, and he so don't bother. You can check just the own Internet speed with the NetSpeedMonitor, where the data can be controlled by the provider. Especially for volume tariffs overseeing the transferred amount of data with the NetSpeedMonitor worth, to keep the costs as low as possible. In addition, the program offers overviews of days and months, so you can easily read out the individual data.

Click on the list of TCP and UDP connections in the NetSpeedMonitor, so all relevant endpoints on your system are displayed and listed. You can check the local addresses, remote addresses and State of TCP connections, so with the Internet, with the NetSpeedMonitor. NetSpeedMonitor also offers the optional evaluation of daily transferred amount of data in a SQLite database. You have to run an extra setup for it not once. NetSpeedMonitor is available in several languages and also offers a quick access toolbar. With a right click on the taskbar, you can display all relevant information and evaluate directly and simply. Previously, under settings, you should select the appropriate network interface that should be monitored. Then, the program detects the network and displays the desired information.

Download here with us the NetSpeedMonitor free. The program is freeware, which also remains free of charge. Click on the download button to start downloading.

Other functions in the NetSpeedMonitor

• Save the relevant data in a SQLite3 database.
• Import and export database files.
• Somethingbetter database by hand.
• Watch the speed different bit rates.
• To control the program using simple commands from the command line.
• Completely cover off the monitor if necessary.

The history of NetSpeedMonitor:

The NetSpeedMonitor is a program developed by Florian Gilles for simple monitoring of the own network data. The idea behind the NetSpeedMonitor is controlling the amount of data volume tariffs and checking the speed on the information provided by the operator. The oldest currently existing version is 2008, with the version number. Is for the first time .db could be imported databases and exported. In the latest version network processes can be easier to control.

Description of the version: NetSpeedMonitor

The NetSpeedMonitor is a program with which you can feel your network card on the tooth: it measures namely the speed and at the same time the transmitted amount of data your network card! The NetSpeedMonitor needs by the way, no special driver and is ideal for Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7-another plus: the NetSpeedMonitor determines your monthly or daily values also depending on the request.

The most important information about the NetSpeedMonitor:

• Freeware
• System requirements: Windows XP, Windows XP Pro x 64 Edition Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 x 64 Edition, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x 64 Edition Windows 7, Windows 7 x 64 Edition
• Easy to install
• Reliable Netspeedmonitoring

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