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NetSkat is a great game of Skat, that you can play against the computer or against friends.



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The game NetSkat is a shareware program. This means that you get the full version of the program only for a registration fee of 20 euros. However, it must be mentioned here praised that all game - and setting options can be used in the free version. Ultimately, the difference is that NetSkat permanently saves any changes to the free version, so again should be run this at the start of each program, and that the high score list is not available.

Download NetSkat's enjoyable fast due to the small size of approximately 11 megabytes. The installation will take only a short time and requires no special computer skills. Because NetSkat is also no high demands on the computer system, it is also playable on any computer. Unless you have a 386 from 1992. If you open NetSkat after the installation, you can get started actually immediately. Via the button "play" above the bar and "New round begin..." opens a window in which you have to set whether you want to play against the computer or human players. More convenient that goes the F2 button that immediately opens the window just described. If you want to play online, you need to NetSkat under "Settings", "change settings for guest..." and then under the tab, 'Personal data' enter your name and address, so that everyone knows who he has to do it. You don't, NetSkat not connects you to a server. To note is the following: with NetSkat you can play against money. However, only where it is allowed by law. In Germany, this is not allowed because of the State Treaty on gaming, and you do without this feature.

If you're already proficient in Skat, you can perform various control settings in NetSkat and customize the game to your preferences. The game itself runs like any game of Skat. The two players who "fit", play together against the third party. The bidding is done acoustically, the players speak it with a beautiful Bavarian accent. What is also gratifying: the computer player in NetSkat are strong, but not impregnable. This guarantees a long gaming fun.

Summarized features of NetSkat:

NetSkat is a shareware program.
• The full version costs 20 euros.
• free version offers full gaming fun.
• Can be played both online and locally.
• Also playing for money is possible.
NetSkat analyzed step by step of a completed game.

Who sells it:

NetSkat is a game of the CuteSoft company and developed by Michael Fischer from old mark.

Description of the version: NetSkat

The new version of Netskat includes some changes that you will make the games even more fun. So now users without administrator rights can play easily, local results can be sent by email, and it added to new clubs. An important change concerns the tournament Skat, because here the open game has been disabled. Also, the meeting can no longer be changed after the beginning of a game.

Current innovations in the NetSkat version 6.02

• Can play easily user without administrator rights
• Local results can be sent by email
• 2 new clubs have been added
• Open play at the tournament Skat was locked

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