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NetSetMan everywhere easily helps you to a suitable Wi-Fi Internet access.



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Wireless Internet access has many advantages. However access based on is whether a matching hotspot nearby. NetSetMan is always the right way to register your laptop in the network. While your site for these practical Connection Wizard is beside the point. Without that you notice it, NetSetMan will find anywhere the appropriate access to the network regardless of whether you're at home or in the workplace, at the airport or on a railway platform waiting for your departure.

NetSetMan is a connection manager for all wireless networks. NetSetMan will take you in every free or accessible to you wireless LAN. No more manually look through your Wi-Fi card software or the Windows Connection Manager for an available wireless network access. One click and you start the program, so that it can accomplish its task. The search is carried out automatically and in a matter of seconds you have your right connection. This is NetSetMan able to detect all available networks and to automatically save the appropriate configurations. The latest version of the connection manager NetSetMan has an integrated comprehensive management of Wi-Fi. Also you made a password protected admin mode available in NetSetMan. The new compact mode shows all relevant status information, also, NetSetMan manages multiple adapters in your profile.

NetSetMan is available free for downloading for non-professional use. If you want to get this practical connection manager on your notebook, you should now click on the download button. A wizard will guide you step by step through the installation process. You will need to follow just the instructions on your screen and can do his work already after a few minutes of NetSetMan.

The features of NetSetMan

• Automatic network search
• Extensive WLAN management
• Storage of the Wi-Fi configurations
• Regardless of location
• Password protected admin area
• Unlimited adapter per profile

System requirements and download

NetSetMan is a free wireless networking connection wizard. The program is designed for the Windows operating systems, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and can be installed easily on any notebook. The download file size is 2.1 megabytes and requires so little of your hard disk.

Description of the version: NetSetMan

With the latest version of NetSetMan you get new options in the Administration, which you can use to manage WiFi. You have new messages on the display, such as the public IP. You can set this out also, if the traffic is too slow. Some updates in the translation were inserted into the program, so you can understand everything and read the program in your language.

The main changes from NetSetMan 3.0.3 version

• New options in the Administration for WiFi.
• Allow the public IP to show to you.
• Turn off the public IP, if the traffic is too slow.
The software in your language read •.

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