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NetMeter is a useful program to display the data transfer volume.



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NetMeter Evo

Is a program for the monitoring of the network Datenvolums.

It is not easy with Windows onboard media to represent the load of your network card. Fortunately, there is certainly resourceful programmers who develop programs NetMeter Evo and expose. By using the program, you may have to show you the data transfers on your network card. While the up - and downloads are displayed separately, so that you have a good overview at a glance. The download and the installation go quickly and easily by hand. NetMeter EVO is very small, no immense consumes system resources even in operation, so that the program in this regard is not striking.

After installation, the program can be started immediately and then sits as a small window in the lower right corner of the screen. If you block out NetMeter Evo, it remains active and is displayed as a symbol in the information area of the start menu. The program records all activities of your network cards, whether it is one or more cards. Within the options, you can choose whether you wish to receive the data of all or only a network map appears. The display it graphically by numbers, and the numbers you can decide again whether you display only the actual current transfer rate or even the entire data transfer rate can be. In addition to the information in the window, you can let show you statistics well beyond the point of "Totals" from the menu, which displays all data since installation of NetMeter Evo.

In addition to various settings for the type of ad, NetMeter Evo also has an alert function, which is interesting especially for users of a volume tariff. With NetMeter Evo, you can adjust how much traffic is possible within a day, a week or a month. NetMeter Evo can then warn you when approaching this value.

Features of NetMeter Evo:

• Display of network traffic
• Display as graphics and numbers
• Monitoring several network cards
• Summaries and reports available
• Freeware (open source project)
• for Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

About NetMeter Evo and the developer

NetMeter EVO is an open source product and is developed by the developer time and opportunities. The current version NetMeter EVO is once the end point. By was releasing of the source code, other developers but now have the opportunity to further develop NetMeter Evo. Thus, the next features and enhancements designed not long to be can wait.

Description of the version: NetMeter Evo

The new version of NetMeter allows a transparent presentation of the overview window. Also the taskbar can be transparent. The functionality on newer Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 and higher has been improved. NetMeter is now also capable of detecting MAC addresses. Also, the monitoring of data traffic can be simultaneously on multiple monitors. The beta version is recognized by some virus programs as malware. Appropriate program modifications are underway.

The new features of NetMeter 1.1.4 beta version

• The monitoring window can be set transparently.
• A transparent taskbar is possible from Windows 2000.
• MAC addresses are automatically recognized.
• Monitoring with multiple monitors is now possible.

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