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If you want to control the bandwidth, then you should download NetLimiter.



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NetLimiter is the supervisory body for your Internet connection for you. Especially if your Internet connection is not quite so "thick", the software can provide really good service. With the program you're easy insight, how much bandwidth occupy the various programs, and you can put the a stop: NetLimiter you find out which programs are too gluttonous, and can disable them accordingly.

You can NetLimiter as a firewall of kind of imagine: the program checks how much bandwidth do different applications throughout and regularly displays the current results to you. NetLimiter offers you a statistic that is updated every hour. So, do you have an overview and can identify programs that need much bandwidth, faster. NetLimiter lets you share on the available bandwidth, so that only an appropriate bandwidth to each program. The program then distributes the bandwidth and monitoring compliance with the requirements.

NetLimiter is particularly useful if you work in a network with others. Here you can specify for example, how much bandwidth you or maximum available to other users. NetLimiter then ensures that the value you set also is not exceeded. Thus, multiple users using the same Internet connection can work without mutually interfering with itself.

NetLimiter - the most important functions at a glance

• Network Monitor
• hourly current statistics
• Divide up bandwidth on programs
Limit bandwidth for users in networks •
• problem-free work in the network
• Operating system: at least. win 2000

NetLimiter - download, trivia and wallpapers

If you want to download the software, then you can do it here with us. You have to press on "Download", and even automatically start the download and the installation on your computer. In a few moments, then you got NetLimiter on your computer and can get started. Just try it out! If you want to use NetLimiter, you should have at least Windows 2000 as the operating system. There are the software NetLimiter, which today have the second generation are, see the monitor (free of charge), Lite and Pro. The Pro version, which is of course offers the most features. But with the free version you can use for example the network monitor and the statistics.

Description of the version: NetLimiter

The current version of NetLimiter can await you with some very convincing innovations, very facilitating the logging and the insight of the traffic, and whose performance you. Statistics you can via graphical visualizations now better and easier to adjust measurement and limits for the transportation. As a result, it is now also make it easier to monitor the amount of bandwidth of your activities on the Internet for you.

The most important innovations in the current version of NetLimiter

• optimized user interface for setting the limits and bandwidth
• optimized logging and collection of transport files
• Representation now easier to read by graphical visualization

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