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Nero 9 Lite is a free software that is reduced to pure burning and copying.



  • License: Full version
  • Downloads: 727
  • Updated: 14.10.2013

Nero Lite

Meanwhile, the free full version of Nero has expanded itself to a complete multimedia package. If you, like many others, are looking for a good and free burning software, Nero 9 Lite offers an alternative. The features of Nero 9 Lite but limited to the pure burning or copying. For other tools, you can download upgrades, which are however subject to a charge. In the application when burning, the Lite is no different from the well-known Nero software. From the start smart menu you have access to all functions of the program. You shouldn't ignoring completely the upper menu bar of Nero 9 Lite. It leads you to the paid upgrades.

The drag -and-drop work procedures to add or remove files for Nero 9 Lite. The burning process starts with a click on the menu item "Burn". Click "Copy disc", you will reach the copy menu of Nero 9 Lite. You can copy any CD or DVD 1:1 if it does not have a copy protection. In the 9 Lite bottom left corner of the application window of Nero, you can find the Nero icon. The added Nero is hiding behind it. Here, too, you can convert the Lite in the paid full version. However, you can find here also helpful tools, such as for example the analysis or the deletion tool. This hidden arrangement with Nero 9 Lite is a little getting used to.

To change the settings in Nero 9 Lite, you have to push the button next to the Nero icon. Here you can now set in "Options" for example the burning speed. In the "Miscellaneous" menu item, the image features of Nero 9 Lite are located. You should activate the image recorder here. Thus you have the possibility to store your data not only on a disk, but to put both on the image file on your hard disk.

System requirements and features of Nero 9 Lite

• Operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
• Download size 31.6 MB
• Self extracting program
• Drag -and-drop function
• Image recorder
• Analysis and deletion tools

The installation

A double click on the EXE.File Nero 9 Lite is sufficient and the program will unpack itself. When the installation begins, you can first select the language. During installation, the program tries to create a toolbar. In any case, remove the appropriate checkbox. Because it is a free software, the serial number is automatically stored. Of course, you must read the license terms and accept in order to be able to use the program. In addition, you need to set the installation option. The default installation is recommended. To trouble-free with Nero work 9 Lite, a free registration is required.

Description of the version: Nero Lite

With the new Nero BurnLight software CDs and DVDs can quickly and easily be copied and burned. Whether music, home videos or data, the software is easy to use and creates perfect copies. The ask search engine is also integrated and in the My Nero community users can communicate with each other on topics such as photos and music or about their ideas and suggestions.

The most important innovations of Nero in the version BurnLite 10

• easy burning CD / DVD
• Copy of music
• Copy of home videos
• Includes Nero ASK toolbar
• Exchange with other users in the My Nero community

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