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Kwik media with the media suite Nero can manage music, photo and video files well.



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Nero Kwik Media

The software Nero Kwik media offers many possibilities for the Administration and processing of music, videos and photos. The free version of Media Manager can be extended to various apps.

The free media manager Nero Kwik media offers you the possibility to manage your multimedia files on the PC. Your media collection can be thus clearly structured and classified. To download Nero Kwik media, you must first set up an account with Nero you. The registration for this is but, just like the download of the program, also free in the basic version. With this basic version of Nero you can create playlists of your favorite music, burn CDs, edit photos and create slideshows from the stored pictures automatically Kwik media. Files stored on external disks can be stored by using the program on the PC.

At photo editing capabilities, including the auto-exposure, automatic color correction and red eye removal are friends. In addition to the automatic image adjustment you can of course even edit photos with Nero Kwik media and various image effects. The slideshows can be personalized through the input of individual texts. Also a background music is possible here. Kwik media from Nero the files stored on online platforms such as Flickr, Facebook, or YouTube can upload if you are already registered as a user.

In addition to the free version of Media Manager, you can purchase additional apps that allow for example play BluRay discs, searching through stored photos of faces, or exchanging videos, music, and photos between your PC and mobile devices. The apps can be purchased via the Nero store integrated into the software.

Description of the version: Nero Kwik Media

The latest version of Nero Kwik media once again confirms the position of the programme as a Jack of all trades. Version 10.6 you can talk as usual music, videos and photos between different devices. In addition, individual playlists can create and burn thanks to the free add-on Nero Kwik burn on CD. Nero allows Kwik media 10.6 also upload files stored in the library on the pages of my Nero, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook. Interesting is also the link to the Nero store, which you can download additional apps.

The main features of the new version 10.6 by Nero Kwik media

• Exchange of files between different devices possible
• Create individual playlists
• Burn CDs
• Upload files in social networks and other online portals
• Link to the Nero store to download of additional apps

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