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Nero InfoTool provides you with important information about your drives and burners.



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Nero InfoTool

Detailed information about the performance and operation of your drives and burners are usually hidden and not easily visible. That has changed with the latest Nero InfoTool version.

The Nero InfoTool belongs to the category of many CD and DVD tools and is your personal support, to get important information about your drives installed in the computer. CD / DVD drive or Blu-ray drives can be. Also HD-DVD drives and the built-in burner in your computer recognizes and validates the Nero InfoTool. This checks the software your drives on their functioning and shows you what assets to make them. You get so including answers to the questions, the firmware of your burner is as up-to-date and which system parameters for the burning process are required. You can find more information about the working speed of the burner and the read / write mode, and you can find out about the activity of your DMA access. The information is presented clearly friends in tabelllarischer form.

You can download free Nero InfoTool. This is the software for the operating systems Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. In addition, you need a space of at least 1.66 megabytes. Still, you need an unpacking program after downloading. Can you unzip the zip file in English now, you then get an EXE file named "info.Tool.EXE". These can start immediately. The program offers four categories after successful installation. In the drive, disc, configuration and software categories, you can get all interesting information about your drives. The latest version is the version 5.3.

Description of the version: Nero InfoTool

The latest version of the Nero InfoTools is waiting with more information and thus improve the coverage. So also through USB and PCI - can displays information devices. USB sticks are manipulated, that the software detects immediately. Also information are provided in addition to the memory and to the motherboard and graphic cards are checked. Now the current version in German language is available and is available free for downloading.

The latest Nero InfoTool version at a glance

• advanced information available
• immediate detection of manipulated USB sticks
• Information about graphics processors on the computer available
• Version in German available
• CPU analysis possible
• No installation required

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