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Nero DiscSpeed is a benchmark for CD/DVD-ROM drives, which is available free of charge.



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Nero DiscSpeed

If you want to test the performance of your PC, you think sure first of the clock speed, memory, and hard drive capacity. But how is it with your CD/DVD-ROM drive? Nero DiscSpeed finds out.

Computer tests can sometimes degenerate into a real contest for the question of who has the better hardware. Almost every component has special performance parameters, which you can compare to each other. But keep the printed numbers in the application, deliver what they promise? Each part is subject to the aging process, which progresses, sometimes much faster, than you. This includes also your CD/DVD-ROM drive, which no longer brings the performance after countless burning and reads, which you were accustomed to the days since your first joint. How much still make the drive, you can test with Nero DiscSpeed.

The freeware program Nero DiscSpeed is characterised by its diversity of the functions to be tested and the very simple interface. The program is very easy to use and calculates different parameters during a mandatory test run, your drive must withstand. In addition to the obviously relevant performance criteria such as transfer rate, access time, and CPU load also burst rate, DAE quality, as well as the spin-up/spin-down time is obtained, which are also important in order to assess the quality of a drive. The program you can as a single software once install or use as plug ins for Nero Burning Suite, which was published by the same Publisher. If you ever wanted to know what all it has your CD/DVD-ROM drive, then you you do not elaborate test with fee-based programs. You Download Nero DiscSpeed and test your drive thoroughly!

Description of the version: Nero DiscSpeed

The latest version 6.2.3 of the freeware benchmark Nero DiscSpee gives you some positive changes compared to the older versions of the test software. The latest version 6.2.3 supports the latest hardware and the most modern drives. Also, the innovations have been integrated in the current Nero Burning Suite. Errors and deficiencies of predecessor were removed and a new user interface was missed the program, with which you can even easier work than was already the case.

The most important innovations of the Nero Burning Suite version 6.2.3

• Hardware detection has been updated for the latest drives
• New, easier-to-use user interface
• Removed errors and bugs of previous versions
• Smoother program structure and effective test modes

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