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  • Windows 1.0 Build 12

You can burn without administrative privileges under Windows 2000/XP discs with 'nero BurnRights'.



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nero BurnRights

Under older versions of Windows such as Windows XP or Windows 2000, you can only burn discs with Nero if you're logged on as an administrator. You can handle the internal protection by using 'nero BurnRights'.

The software tool 'nero BurnRights' is for you is especially of interest if you want to burn CDs or DVDs with Nero on a computer with Windows 2000 or Windows XP as the operating system. Because these versions deny access to certain drivers and functions of the lower level users without administrative rights, you can burn any CD or DVD on a foreign computer. To work around this problem, Nero has brought the additional tool "nero BurnRights" on the market. Thus, different user accounts can be equipped with burn rights. So, every user on every computer with an appropriate operating system through Nero can burn discs, because the extended Brennrechts function requires no log-in as administrator more.

To give yourself or other access to the necessary low-level functions, you can forgive on "nero BurnRights' in the control panel exclusive burning rights to several or all user accounts - but only if you are logged in as a system administrator. The path runs on the Windows "Start" in the "Settings" area. Here you get access to "nero BurnRights" under "Control Panel" and can change the burn rights. It's fast, uncomplicated and on any computer. Just the software tool 'nero BurnRights' as freeware download and export to a portable storage device. Do you want to burn a disc on any computer, the system administrator can give then the necessary rights friends using your USB sticks and 'nero BurnRights'.

Description of the version: nero BurnRights

The official auxiliary tool "nero BurnRights' in the version 1.0 build 12 allows to alter the burning rights for user accounts on any PC. The burning rights as default setting are bound by administrative privileges under Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. Do you now burn a CD or DVD with Nero, you need to login as administrator. To work around this inconvenient fact, the appropriate system administrator can equip all user accounts with burn rights with 'nero BurnRights'.

Useful additional tool: "nero BurnRights" 1.0 build 12

• Allows you to burn discs without administrative rights
• Burn with Nero on any PC
• Allows administrators to assign users rights for Nero applications
• For Windows XP and 2000

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