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A backup solution at no cost. Fast and easy to use.



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Nero BackItUp 2014

No worries create backups and more suffer no loss of data.

Who ever had a system failure and has lost his data, know how important are backups. Nevertheless, they are often annoying, as cumbersome and time consuming. And who loses the desire it, risking data loss again. "Why should that happen again to me?".

Not a good idea! Data gone faster than you may think. So let us look closer to remedy in sight it is Nero BackItUp 2014! The program is completely free and by the creators of the popular burning program Nero Burning Rom.

Nero BackItUp 2014 gives you storage in the cloud, so external disk-space 5Gigabyte. There, you can save so some photos or emails. With an additional fee there is also more memory – a suscription is necessary. Of course, there is also the possibility to place all data on its own harddisk.

The user interface is very clear, how it is used by Nero. All functions are easily accessible and each is can quickly understand the program and apply.

Description of the version: Nero BackItUp 2014

The basic backup functions are free of charge and everything is to use simple.

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