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This need-for-speed-most wanted-demo takes you in illegal races and battles with the police.



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Need for Speed: Most wanted Demo

If you challenge the police in the real world, then has the for you far-reaching consequences. In the new need-for-speed-most wanted-demo, you can fuck without consequences with the patrol car or let you Flash with maximum speed. Show your opponents, who is the most notorious and most cunning of the city. You can demonstrate your skills in six different races of the need-for-speed-most wanted-demo. There are two sprints, three challenges and a speed trap course. You can also create your own race car in the need-for-speed-most wanted-demo.

Let you impress by the elaborate graphics and realistic sounds in the new need-for-speed-most wanted-demo. There's nothing you can do. If you challenge the police without catching you, you can make it to the top of the notorious black list. Become the most wanted road racer. It lacks only the smell of burnt rubber on hot asphalt. The new need-for-speed-most wanted-demo takes you to breathtaking race. Let your imagination run wild and play to the Championship title.

You're going to the new need-for-speed-most wanted-demo on a hundred-kilometre, freely navigable road network. Here you will find a variety of hot cars, you can tune yourself anything. There are however only three models to the test in the demo version. Illegal street racing merge in the new need-for-speed-most wanted-demo with an individual tuning. It makes your heart beat. The boredom dispel you with the new need-for-speed-most wanted-demo and put tension on your PC. With the need-for-speed-most wanted-demo, you will experience many exciting hours.

The need-for-speed-most wanted-demo at a glance:

You can compete against the police for two •.
• You can drive the illegal race for days.
• Fight for the title of the most notorious racer of the city with your opponents.
Let at full speed by the police you Flash •.
• Get it before your illegal competitor at the top of the blacklist.
• Collect points in the central register of the police and bring it to an extensive criminal record.

System requirements for the need-for-speed-most wanted-demo

You need for the new need-for-speed-most wanted-demo Microsoft Windows XP or 2000, a 1.4 GHz processor, a 256-megabyte memory and 1.0 GB free hard disk memory. You will also need a sound card, even an 8 x CD ROM drive and a video card with at least 32 MB, with DirectX 9 0 c is compatible. DirectX version 9, 0 c you need of course.

Description of the version: Need for Speed: Most wanted Demo

Need for speed: most wanted is a new extension of the big auto racing classic. Aim of the game is to become the most notorious motorists in the city. While you're fast paced racing against other players, you have to take you from the police in eight. In various game modes it comes for example to be flashed in the fastest speed, or to escape from the patrol car.

It comes in the need for speed: most wanted demo version

• Become the most notorious race car driver in the city!
• Challenge the police through skillful maneuvers!
• Complete missions of different types in different game variations!

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