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Need for speed carbon brilliantly continues the series of games and supplements it with new elements.



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Need for Speed: Carbon - Demo

Need for speed carbon is the need for speed series to the next level. For the first time, you can build you a your own crew and fight street battles with enemy gangs. Conquer road train road train and become the leader of an entire city. Each team member from need for speed carbon has their own abilities and your tactical skill is required to make a profit from it. Need for speed carbon sets directly to the previous need for speed most wanted where the hero must contend returning in his old town again, and it's up to you to help him.

As every other need for speed game also need for speed carbon on the obligatory tuning options and adrenaline-rich car chases with the police. You confess to a class, tuner, muscle, or exotic car, and show who is the King of the road with the respective strengths and weaknesses. To underline this, need for speed presents carbon a perfectly polished soundtrack, includes the bands such as Wolfmother, Eagles of death metal, Goldfrapp, or melody.

Need for speed carbon has been released for both PC and all console systems. Online, you can challenge even riders from all over the world, regardless of whether they compete on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC against you. The free demo of need for speed carbon, which you can download using the download button on this page, gives you the chance to apply as a test driver with three unique vehicles on two risky routes, and to see whether you really cut out to be the leader of the gang in need for speed carbon did.

Need for speed carbon at a glance

• Make your own crew on the legs
• Lead exciting hunts in unprecedented Canyon race
• Decide on a page: tuner, muscle, or exotic car
• Tune your own dream car and let your opponent swallow dust
• Soundtrack with bands such as Wolfmother, Goldfrapp and melody
• Compete online against other gang leader

The history of need for speed carbon:

Everything began 1994 almost forgotten 3DO game console. The mix of racing game and police persecution found a large following immediately. Need for speed was similar as need for speed carbon by detailed vehicles, realistic driving behaviour and lots of action off. The game series has been produced since the beginning under the label of game developer giant Electronic Arts and now consists of 13 games. A pure online game and the official 14 titles are currently in planning and continuing carbon need for speed.

Description of the version: Need for Speed: Carbon - Demo

Need for speed: carbon is the next installment of the fast-paced racing game by electronic arts. This time you're one false move with the cool Canyon race car on the road - and your car plunges into the deep depths along the narrow mountain roads. In addition to the individual races, you can try also to become a member of a team and to establish hegemony in all areas. Gentlemen – start your engines!

Description of need for speed: carbon - demo

• New racing game of the famous need for speed series
• Drive through canyons on narrow mountain roads
• Hire a team and dominate an area

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Screenshots: Need for Speed: Carbon - Demo

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