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  • Windows 2.3.4

nCleaner second is more than just a cleaning program, because it improves the overall performance.



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  • Updated: 28.02.2011

nCleaner second

nCleaner second operates with an algorithm developed by the manufacturer, to identify redundant files and file fragments on your computer. It scans nCleaner second not only the system files and the registry, but also the installed applications themselves. In this way, nCleaner can second track a number of redundant data and delete. For useless data occupy not only space, but slow down your PC also. The structure of Windows always then writes the data to the hard disk, where is the first place. This space is not sufficient, the data are disclosed. These fragmented data must be sought together then a program or a feature of the entire hard disk back to the execution, so that the PC will be accordingly slow. Unless of course, you're nCleaner second in use.

nCleaner second can clean but still more than only the hard disk and memory space. Besides a registry scan, nCleaner second offers the possibility to modify the Windows startup settings and unnecessary programs not directly at Windows startup to load so that can be launched faster. Furthermore you can monitor the system load on your PC in real time and adjust if necessary with nCleaner second. And for a safe surfing on the Internet you can delete cookies or keep. You make the decision here, because all cookies will be displayed in a list.

All the features of nCleaner second run it according to a fixed schedule. Alternatively the possibility of scanning and cleanup at Windows startup or shutdown of the computer run to. Thus nCleaner can keep second automatically on a date the system, and you need not ever even have to worry about you as a user.

Features of nCleaner second:

• Cleaning of disks and registry
own algorithm finds • more data than other programs
• Schedule control
• Startup options, check and change
• Freeware for private users
• for Windows XP, 2003, Vista

About nCleaner second:

nCleaner second is a development of the NKProds, which was founded in the 1990s. -Based software products that support the PC user in his daily work are focus of the development of NKProds on Microsoft Windows. For home users, most are doing free usable products. The focus but in the professional area, in which the products are used worldwide by several million of registered customers in more than 50 countries.

Description of the version: nCleaner second

The updated version of nCleaner second offers improved features and enhancements. The module system adviser now has some new entries that help you work with the current version of the program. Still a problem with the registry scan fixed so that a clean-up of the registry with the new version is now safer and nCleaner keeps your computer clean and functional.

Current features of nCleaner second version 2.3.4:

• new entries in the module system Adviser
• Registry scan has been revised and bugs have been fixed
• over 90 cleaning tools now are available for registry and system

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