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With naval, you can go with a propeller fighter ship hunting strike.



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Naval Strike

The game of naval strike is based on the classic 2D games. In these games, one has often controlled a fighter plane that flew missions against enemy fleets, squadrons and ground troops. The player has battled a series of fighter aircraft. In the game of naval strike now comes the third dimension. You see in naval strike your airplane no longer from the bird's perspective, but from the so-called third-person view. You see your aircraft as an observer from the rear and can move it up and down. The control is very simple. With the left mouse button, the cannons are fired, to combat enemy planes that try to prevent you from sinking enemy ships. With a mouse movement upwards, the naval aircraft is controlled strike upwards. The machine drops a swing down. A mouse movement left or right moves the machine in the desired direction. Naval strike causes a press of the SPACEBAR firing a torpedo.

Sinking the enemy ships is not so easy. The ships move, which is why the movement of ships must be taken, so that the torpedoes at the right time are discarded and the ships meet. Level to successfully complete, you don't have to torpedo a certain number of transport vessels. For each launch strike of enemy ships and enemy planes you get points in naval. In naval strike it is important to shoot down enemy planes, because they are trying through fire, sinking of fine vessels to prevent you. In later levels of naval strike warships joined, which also take your campaign plane under fire.

The game of naval strike you can easily downloaded on our Web site. With 2.3 MB, the program occupies very little space on the hard disk. The installation is relatively straightforward. Despite the 3D graphics no system requirements provided by the software to the hardware.

Naval strike offers the following features

• Air combat in a 3D environment
• Keep firing into the aircraft with the cannon
• Take enemy ships with torpedoes under fire
• The game offers a fast 3D graphics
• Fight over the ocean
Battles exciting • in the sea and in the air

The emergence of naval strike

The game of naval strike was published by the company game top. Game top provides many games free through their website and other platforms.

Description of the version: Naval Strike

The war over water will be continued with the new computer game naval strike. You control your fighter over the oceans and have to take out enemy aircraft and ships and destroy! Your plane is equipped with two rapid-fire machine-guns and anti ship missile. But watch out that you don't get hit and crashes into the sea. Take the fight against the opposing armies and become the master of the seas.

How to play the fighting game of naval strike

• Fly combat aircraft over the seven seas.
• Defeat enemy planes and ships.
• Beware beware of enemy fire.
• Teach your enemy fear.

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