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N (Ninja) is full of action and speed, many levels with increasing difficulty.



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N (Ninja)

N (Ninja) is a graphical easy held platform n' run game that turns but when you play as complex, diverse and action-packed platform game. The story of Ninja philosophy animates your character with a thrilling background.

Thanks to your supernatural fast metabolism you have the tremendous skill, speed, responsiveness and the bounce of a ninjas – you're a Ninja. The downside is that your life time only 15 minutes. Like a real Ninja you have "N" in N (Ninja) an insatiable greed for gold, the curiosity to explore new spaces and indestructible faith in the "way of the Ninja", called. "N" is the sophisticated philosophy of peace and humility in the form of a constant spiritual, intellectual and physical training.

The platform n' run game is "N (Ninja)" graphically minimalist, in terms of content but extremely complex. Your task is to guide your stick figure by keyboard control by a 2D-Labyrinth without getting hit by the persistent robots or hidden battle stations. Despite your skills you are namely everything else as immortal and so it can happen quickly that your stick figure clearly is broken down into its individual parts and you have to start from scratch. Within your limited lifetime, you need to pass through five rooms and collect the gold inside it.

Target your training within the meaning of the "N" philosophy is someday gain the ability and intelligence to master all 100 episodes. Increasingly complex labyrinth systems and stronger, faster opponents increase the degree of difficulty and hence your skills from level to level. The game N (Ninja) requires the Adobe Flash Player, but otherwise, once you download the zip package, easily on any system play.

Description of the version: N (Ninja)

The current version of N (Ninja) works at first glance simply, revealed at the second glance but an unbelievable potential for addiction. The fast and precise movements of the character, ever more complex levels and sophisticated 2D-Labyrinth-Systeme ensures a long-lasting fun. Did you successfully go through five levels, your score will be saved and you can skip to the next level. In this way you can run through up to 100 levels, without boredom. Auch Mac and familiarity can download the game on the manufacturer's website.

A game with simple graphics but diverse actions

• Up to 100 different level
• Score is saved after five levels
• Number and skills of opponents more with each level
• Precise and fast movements of the character
Story exciting •

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