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Keep it small and simple - according to this principle, a great game is managed with N-ball 2.2.



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  • Updated: 24.02.2011


A ball, even a glowing plasma ball, on a course to steer, should actually not be difficult. Especially not in 2D as in N-ball 2.2. But make no mistake, because on a route laced with obstacles and holes, even the smallest error can lead to crash, and seen exactly for N-ball 2.2 more often than one would like. But in turn. Download of the zipped installation files is quick and easy, as the installation. You don't have many options at the shareware by N-ball 2.2 Unfortunately, but that does not detract from the fun.

The shareware has version of N-ball 2.2 mode of the level-easy, medium and hard beside the Freeplay to the selection. In the Freeplay you can play the 1 campaign mode, the campaigns of 2 to 4 are not activated. In campaign 1, you can then play the levels 1 to 6, and for starters, this is more than sufficient. At N-ball 2.2, you must try to move a luminous ball through an obstacle course. You can control the ball with the cursor keys, and the right cursor button the ball faster and the left button the ball is slower. Jumped is with the space bar, and thus the whole control is also already explained, because one needs more at N-ball 2.2 not. The ball can jump only if he touches anything. In principle you can hold the whole time the SPACEBAR, because then the ball jumps automatically, as soon as he touched something. However the cracks can go very far or in the wrong direction, so that you can lose won terrain quickly by a wrong jump at N-ball 2.2.

Of course is it riddled with holes, as well as flexible obstacles, but because you have 20 balls available, you can afford the one or another failed attempt. And of which there are more than one might believe in N-ball 2.2, because the idea of the game is so simple, so professionally she has been implemented also.

N-ball 2.2 features:

• Skill game
• 40 Level with crazy obstacles
• Level editor with full version
• User-designed levels rechargeable
• Free shareware
• For Win XP/win 2000/Win 98/win me

About N-ball 2.2 and the manufacturer

Ragdollsoft is a manufacturer of this funny game with the name N-ball 2.2. This is not a multinational software company, but an individual programmer named Matteo Guarnieri of the beautiful city of Venice in Italy. The idea of Matteo is to develop games with a fun factor that so does not exist. With this aim he brought successfully already several games such as N-ball 2.2 as shareware on the market.

Description of the version: N-Ball

In the new version of N-ball 40 brand new level that applies to conquer it waiting for you. As usual must you manoeuvre a jumping ball of plasma in this abstract designed game by the minimalist level. Here you will encounter many different new obstacles. The realistic programmed plasma ball, as well as their properties have been improved in the new version. With a little patience and practice, you're quickly out the twist in this version.

Overview of the features in the new version

• 40 new exciting level with many interesting obstacles
• Levels of new, minimalist fantasy worlds
• Realistic programmed properties of the plasma ball
• Required operating system for the new version: Win2000/XP

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