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MyUninstaller is a lean but effective tool for uninstalling software.



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Many freeware programs for Windows optimization often waiting with numerous functions and a confusing interface to look through difficult. As well, there are small and particularly effective helpers for this like MyUninstaller.

A program that meets only one function, must be not always inconvenient. As long as it fulfills this function better than other programs. If you try to uninstall software, mostly unused residual data remain even among the greatest care and best Windows uninstallation, which gradually to a big pile of junk data can build up and cripple the performance of your computer in the long run. With MyUninstaller, these problems belong to: the particularly slim and not less efficient program deletes all files that belong to a program or that this program has generated. These include including registry files and empty folders, like overlooking Windows.

The small program can create a list of currently installed programs along with some parameters, for example, the versioned or the manufacturer. With this list you can understand in the case of a crash or a serious harm, which programs at any time on your computer were installed. The program was written in the original version in English, but it offered a voice mask in German, which you can download on the manufacturer's website. You then simply copy the German language file into the same folder in which you installed MyUninstaller. Due to the limited diversity of function, everything falls easily otherwise in the operation of MyUninstaller, which can be useful if you want to declutter your computer once again thoroughly and clean up. This often leads to significant performance gains of the performance.

Description of the version: MyUninstaller

The latest version 1.73 of MyUninstaller was thoroughly revised by the programmers and better than its predecessor of the practical uninstall tool. Therefore errors and bugs of the previous versions were removed, leading in particular to a reliable collection of already installed programs and a faster order processing of uninstallations. A revised design provides an eye-catcher, the first versions of MyUninstaller still not offered.

The main new features of MyUninstaller version 1.73:

• Revised design for uncared appearance
• Better program structure for faster order processing
• Errors and bugs have been removed for a more stable performance and thorough uninstallations

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