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MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 Essentials are the recommended installation of the free version.



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MySQL Community Server Essentials

MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 Essentials includes the necessary files to install of the database on Windows the Configuration Wizard. This helps you set up the database. Server 5.1.47 Essentials are not part of the MySQL Community additional components such as the embedded server and benchmark suite. You can find these optional components included in the complete package, that due to the different equipment Server 5.1.47 Essentials differs from the MySQL Community.

The third variant of the possible downloads is the Noninstall archive. In contrast to the MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 essentials and the complete package can be installed this version only manually. This requires from you so in-depth knowledge of the database, as well as the installation paths, therefore are going to recommend the MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 essentials for the installation for most users. The Community Server based on the same database engine as the Enterprise Server and are only some features these, which are not necessary for a free use like with the MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 essentials.

The MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 Essentials are part of the free versions, which are offered under a GNU GPL license. The MySQL Enterprise Server is intended for commercial use. This is subject to a charge, but they are also a lot of advantages. This applies to both functions and the support and legal aspects, which are interesting for software developers with embedded databases. You can watch the MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 Essentials directly from our site using the download button to download. Your MySQL server and your entry into the world of databases with MySQL is Community Server 5.1.47 Essentials so only a click away.

Features of MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 Essentials:

• Installation package for the MySQL database server
• Includes the necessary files and the Configuration Wizard
• Does not include optional components such as the embedded server and benchmark suite
• Free download
• For Windows x 86 for 32 - bit and 64-bit
• Free license under GNU GPL

Background information on MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 Essentials

The MySQL Community Server 5.1.47 Essentials is a free download versions of successful SQL database of the world. There are still paid Enterprise Server, which is focused on professional users. Another variation is the embedded server, which is recommended for developers and ISVs of interest. The bottom line, MySQL is the most popular open source database in the world.

Description of the version: MySQL Community Server Essentials

The current version of the MySQL database is in the current version with some new features. So your queries can be done faster, if you have the partitioning of data, where the data on several databases are distributed. Further innovations are a changed way of replication, as well as a new plug-in API that allows the start or restart of individual database components during operation.

New features of the MySQL Community Server Essentials

• Partitioning of data possible
• New type of replication of row-based replication)
• Plug-in API to start individual modules in operation
• Event Scheduler to perform tasks

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