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MyMicroBalance helps you to enumerate all expenditure and revenue of the month open.



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MyMicroBalance is a clear financial software. After input of the individual items, the program calculates the current balance and provides an overview of the monthly expenditure. With the carry from the previous month, you've got your finances at a glance.

The financial software MyMicroBalance helps you to manage your finances and gives you an overview of your monthly income and expenditure. The structure of the surface is very clear. On the left you will find the buttons for the input. Here you decide between a new intake, a new edition or the processing of a data record. In addition, you can delete existing records with a click.

Among these choices are a calculator tool and the button to save the button to stop. There are two fields in the middle. The left box shows the monthly income in the color green, the right field deals with the expenditure. Below you will find the respective total amount and also the balance. Easily, you can share the individual items to groups. If you want to transfer the amount of the previous month, you will simply left up a hook, and already MyMicroBalance takes over the account balance from the previous month. With the search function you searching your records stored according to specific revenue or expenditure. You can also easily print your stored data button.

MyMicroBalance has a file size of 14.1 MB. The program language is German. The program is suitable for the operating system Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. After downloading, do you find the MyMicroBalance file folder on your desktop and can immediately start with the collection of your income and expenditure.

Description of the version: MyMicroBalance

The current version of MyMicroBalance offers some new features and a still clearer interface. In particular the input for the revenue and expenditure was revised. The cell values with a light grid can now find, every other row will be colored to create a better overview, and each row can also be moved. Some values are filtered the balance adjusts immediately, and renames only the sum of the values that are visible.

The new features of the latest version of MyMicroBalance

• Filtering of values will change the balance automatically
• Grid lines help in the search for individual items
• Sort by unit

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