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MyMDb gathers information about your movie collection - quickly and easily with a mouse click.



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With MyMDb, you can easily manage your movie collection and save all relevant information from Central. Instead of having to enter all the information manually, you can use the automatic search function.

MyMDb is a database solution for all film enthusiasts, who call their own, an extensive collection of DVDs or Blu-ray discs. To fill the corresponding entry for the film with relevant information, you need to do, as the practical search function from MyMDb to enter the movie title - will do the rest. The list of performers, the cover, a description of the content - all this and much more is seeking the program independently on the Internet together. While MyMDb accesses renowned data bases such as the watch free movies online or the IMDb, to obtain reliable information - there movie buffs have gathered much useful information.

The entries you can mouse click easy edit and supplement it with their own knowledge. In addition to your personal review of a movie, you can note: including information on special cut versions. In addition, you can identify already-seen films and delimit of previously unknown works. The statistics by MyMDb, which gives detailed insight into what features you are especially popular is also useful - so you can learn, for example, which directed by you own most of the works or you - purely statistically what actor - to watch the favorite at work.

Instead to stand helpless before the DVD shelf and not knowing what you should look at, can be navigated with MyMDb easily through your collection. Want a friend borrow a movie, so you show him simply do your MyMDb - he sees all the films at a glance and can focus on your ratings.

Description of the version: MyMDb

The MyMDb version 3.6 awaits you with a variety of new features. Now you can access on a standalone cover database, also can for every film now also additional cover be entered. The statistical information to cut versions of the film have been extended. A youth protection function protects against unauthorized access of your posts, as a new medium was added due to recent events "3D". Many other new features and bug fixes make this version a worthwhile download for film buffs.

Some new features of MyMDb 3.6 Overview

• Connection to cover database
• Additional cover entries for all movies possible
• Advanced Statistics
• Protection function to prevent unauthorized
• Added new movie art "film 3D"
• Many more new features

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