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MyJongg offers a variation on the traditional mahjongg by more than 600,000 ways to play.



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  • Updated: 26.10.2013


For MyJongg there are no long installation and setting routines, but you start directly. By default, the classic mahjongg is scenario, as you know it certainly also from other mahjongg variations as MyJongg. Play with the famous pyramid and have to try to remove the appropriate parts together. As usual there four copies also at MyJongg from any part, so that the actually not bad odds, successfully to remove all parts. But as usual to be the parts free either on the left or the right side and upwards, can be removed.

Although here we go after the launch of MyJongg directly with the first game, you of course still have options. Overall you are 65,535 different options available, such as the stones are to be distributed. This you can at MyJongg directly select and you so keep trying in the same game. In addition you can ten different layouts select options, i.e. the kind, as stack the tiles with MyJongg to beginning - either in the classic pyramid or in nine different forms. Combined with the number of game options more than 650,000 different game options available are therefore so that guaranteed no boredom will be at the game.

And you can do something for the eye, because you can choose between six different tile sets with MyJongg. In addition to the classic mahjongg stones, you have therefore the possibility to label the stones with the alphabet and thus uppercase and lowercase letters, scurry scenario or numbers and mathematical symbols. If a variant of MyJongg is so boring, simply switch to the next and search instead of same letter matching numbers. Best you try it yourself just once and download free freeware directly from our site to friends. To do this simply use the download function, and in no time you can solve your first MyJongg puzzles.

Features of MyJongg:

• Puzzle game set in the mahjongg style
• 10 different playing fields
• 6 different designs of the stones
• easy and intuitive operation
• free freeware
• for Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP

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MyJongg is a development by CyLog software, an IT company of the developer and mathematician of Kostas Symeonidis. Together with colleagues, he developed complex IT solutions. To compensate for programmed small games, tools and utilities are available free of charge.

Description of the version: MyJongg

Also in the new version of MyJongg involves the ancient Chinese game of mahjongg. Your brain and thinking is needed here. With improved graphics you have to only remove all tiles, of course in pairs from the playing field, similar to the game memory. However here from the beginning on all tiles open and are not obstructed. The tiles are now displayed in different and new designs. In addition, any game in this version begins with a new position.

Important information about the game of MyJongg

• Simple variant of the mystery classic mahjongg
• Different designs of tiles
• Different starting positions
• This game required operating system: Win98, 98 SE, me, 2000, XP

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