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MyDefrag by defragmenting helps you merge data on your computer again.



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A quite chaos is created by moving or deleting files on your computer. This free disk defragmenter tool helps you clean up the mess. By defragmenting with MyDefrag, you prevent your operating system at different locations must seek data. So, the software ensures that your computer can work again faster. Windows that stores data in different places on your hard drive. If you are now looking for certain files, the operating system also at various points have to look. This is time-consuming and impairs your work speed significantly.

MyDefrag summarizes all the data that are in conjunction, again. So MyDefrag facilitates the operating system the data search. Defragmenting with MyDefrag should be done at regular intervals, so that the whole system can work properly and without delay. You have the option to set the parameters for the defragmentation itself in MyDefrag. MyDefrag can both perform a full defrag of all existing drives and defragment only certain partitions or individual drives. MyDefrag integrates a screen saver mode which automatically activated during breaks and not charged to the system, while you work. MyDefrag works quickly and reliably in the background. You have to enter your parameter settings on the Windows command line, a graphical user interface not available in MyDefrag.

If you want to install MyDefrag on your computer, you can now click on the download button and download the software. You then simply follow the instructions on your screen and can begin in a few minutes, to defragment your hard drives and removable media.

The features of MyDefrag

• Works in the background
• Defragment of all hard drives
• Removable disk defragmentation
• Defragmentation of certain areas
• Complete defragmentation
• Screen saver mode

System requirements and download

MyDefrag is suitable for use on the Windows operating systems Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The program was renamed by the developer. The former name was JkDefrag. The download size of the free software is only 2 megabytes and therefore practically does not burden your system resources.

Description of the version: MyDefrag

You can bring your hard disk right MyDefrag 4.3.1. In the current version was a minor problem that could occur with MySQL and uTorrent, fixed. Also which was added to Windows "bootstat.dat" to the list of files that need to be treated separately, causing installation errors are less dangerous. In this way, you can install the program with greater security and apply.

These are the novelties MyDefrag v4. 3.1

• bootstat.dat is now on the list of exceptions
• MySQL and uTorrent now no cause for more errors
• thorough Defragtmentierung, which takes time

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