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My Pictures 3D album offers you many possibilities to bring your images properly to the application.



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My Pictures 3D Album

If you really want to bring your photo collection, then my is pictures 3D album just right for you. You can surprise friends, relatives, and acquaintances with a virtual Gallery of My Pictures 3D album. The program of My Pictures 3D is album for you completely free of charge. You can download it here for free. However, you should ensure that your operating system for My Pictures 3D album is designed. Furthermore you have the possibility to provide your snapshots with a beautiful frame with my pictures 3D album. For this purpose, different examples available are friends. With this free program you can indulge fully your creativity.

My Pictures 3D album provides you a total of three virtual galleries available. From this selection you are looking for from your favourite friends first. Drag-and-drop, you stocking the empty picture frame with your own recordings. Which you choose to do this, is totally left you. You can select photos from weddings, birthdays or other occasions. Maybe you want to surprise even an expectant mother with a beautiful album. My Pictures 3D you're album using the mouse control in the three-dimensional spaces freely around. If you want to look more closely at the pictures, then album zoom closer the images you My Pictures 3D. So you have your pictures from different perspectives to look at the possibility.

You are saving your presentation for My Pictures 3D album as a screen saver or as an executable file, once you've completed your exhibition. You can send virtual Gallery of My Pictures 3D album to your friends. If you have a birthday present, you can create a nice gallery for the birthday child. Here you can let your imagination run free. Photo gifts are always something very personal, with which you can surprise people. My Pictures 3D album makes you very many interesting possibilities.

Improvements at a glance

• Choose from three virtual galleries
• Send your friends the galleries
• Bestücke the picture frame with your photos
• Move around freely in three-dimensional spaces
• The program is completely free
• Show everyone how krativ you are

What operating system do you need?

To use all the additional features of My Pictures 3D album benefits, you need the operating system Windows XP, 2000 or Vista. This free program requires a size of 13,7MB.

Description of the version: My Pictures 3D Album

With the My Pictures 3D album you can do something special with your photo collection: is created a three-dimensional Museum, which displays your personal pictures on your screen. You can make certain occasions theme rooms and individually attach your photos. With the various tools, it's easy to create your own photo Museum on the PC. So you can show impressive your latest shots be able.

The functions of My Pictures 3D album v0. 96

• Quickly create of your personal photo Museum
• Free design of individual walls inside the photo Museum
• Adapt real representation of the rooms the frame to the photo size possible,
• Free move through the Museum possible

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