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The MX Skype Recorder provides you various options for the recording of voice calls.



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MX Skype Recorder

A voice among program today for most users the standard repertoire on the computer. It is a simple and inexpensive method to make phone calls and also offers the possibility to chat in addition to the phone call. But while the chat is recorded and read at any time, phone calls can not be perceived. At least that happened so far, but you know the MX Skype recorder Yes to happiness. With this recorder, you can simply record all your calls via Skype or another VoIP application - and save on your hard disk.

MX Skype Recorder supports even multiple storage formats with MP3, WMA and WAV and thus also possible makes the playback. Because the best recording you no good if you can not play it. Both the download and the installation of the MX Skype recorder are easy and fast. Although the MX Skype recorder only English is available, but the operation is intuitive and feasible without any problems. The most important settings are the type of the recording, as well as the storage format. You can set both in the MX Skype recorder via the settings. The automatic recording is preset, you can also turn it off and start the recording with the MX Skype recorder via hotkeys. For the recording itself, you even can set next to the format in the MX Skype recorder whether the incoming and outgoing audio signals in two different audio tracks to be recorded, and are thus completely separated.

In addition to Skype, the MX Skype Recorder supports other VoIP programs such as GoogleTalk and Yahoo Messenger. You should use an other VoIP program, then recorder try just the MX Skype. You can directly download it from our site and try out. The test time is this unrestricted, however you can record maximum 5 minutes per call. The licensed full versions do not have this restriction. Just use the download function here on our site and surprise your pals with a recording of your next VoIP phone call.

Features of the MX Skype recorder:

• Voice recording tool
• Record calls using VoIP applications
• Automatic or manual recording
• MP3, WMA or WAV as storage formats
• Trial version
• For Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7

Background information on the MX Skype recorder

The MX Skype recorder is a development of the MX software and is offered in different versions of this. It is the ideal complement for a recording within the common VoIP programs.

Description of the version: MX Skype Recorder

Hold all your VoIP calls even better and save it to your PC with the new MX Skype recorder. The program records all conversations automatically or manually if you wish. You can set the quality beforehand. Now new: All recordings are saved either as a single or dual audio track as MP3 files. The software is now compatible with all popular VoIP applications and impresses even easier handling.

The new MX Skype recorder at a glance

• Record of all VoIP calls
• Software starts automatically or manually
• Store all recordings as MP3 files in the designated folder
• Compatible with all popular VoIP applications
• Recorded in single - or dual mode possible

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