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  • Windows 5.0 | 4.8

MWS is a program with which your computer texts will read you and saves it as an audio file reader.



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  • Updated: 29.11.2013

MWS Reader

The MWS Reader gives your computer a personal voice. Here, you can choose whether the speaker should be male or female. The MWS holds pretty impressive robot voices reader for you. Of course, you can make the read texts as a WAV or MP3 file reader with the MWS. Once you've chosen the voice of the predefined options that tells you to, you can set reader next to the voice speed the volume, pitch, and the desired emphasis in the MWS. A male and a female voice in the German language are provided in the scope of services. On the manufacturer's website by MWS reader, you can download more speakers in different languages.

Now, you select the text passage that read reader MWS. Copy the marked text passage for this purpose in the Clipboard. The MWS reader begins immediately to read the text to you. You have also the possibility to insert the selected text in the reading window from MWS to reader and manually start the reading process. With already integrated additional functionality MWS reads all system messages reader friends and says the date and exact time you when you click at the corresponding point in the system tray. The program is very easy to use. The texts read in German language are well understood. Thus the MWS is reader a very good support for the visually impaired, too.

If you want to teach reading to your computer now, you just click on the download button. The trial version is free and you can start 14 times. After that, a paid registration is necessary. After receipt of your payment, you will receive an E-Mail with the unlock code, which entitles you to unlimited use of the program by the manufacturer.

The MWS reader in practical application

• Individual selection of speaker
• Automatic reading function
• Reading window to start manually
• Automatic reading system messages
• Save read as an audio file
• More votes from the manufacturer's website

System requirements and configuration

MWS reader is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The download size of the test version is 5.5 megabytes and is available for free download on the Internet. The configuration of the program is menu-driven and is not problematic for the user. Two different speakers in the German language are included. Additional speakers, also in other languages, can be loaded on the manufacturer's website.

Description of the version: MWS Reader

Let you Web content and documents directly to the PC read aloud with the new version of the MWS reader. Now, you can set what will be read by simple marking of lines of text. The pitch and the speed can be set individually. With the new audio export feature, you can create your own MP3 files and even your own audiobooks that you can listen to on your mobile then mobile.

The new MWS reader with all features at a glance

• Simple mark of the passages to be read before
• Pitch and individually adjustable voice speed
• Easy creation of MP3 files
• Mobile listening to your MP3 tracks on your phone

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