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If you are using the Internet mobile and want to be flexible, you should try MWconn.



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Connection and monitoring a mobile Internet connection via GPRS, UMTS or HSDPA is mostly that of the supplied tool available. MWconn offers a larger range of functions with full flexibility.

MWconn is barely 300 KB, but offers an amazing range of functions. The software is a device-independent Windows solution to the initiation and monitoring of data connections in the mobile Internet GPRS, EDGE, UMTS or HSDPA medium and operates also independently from your chosen carrier.

Typically, the dial on the mobile Internet with your operating system is possible. Many providers deliver you your own program with the hardware, for example, your UMTS card or USB stick. For you as a user, these tools provide detailed monitoring capabilities for connection quality and network selection, as well as a logging of costs. But also your ISP pursues quite different own goals, such as the blocking of foreign mobile networks and a constantly visible logo as effective and affordable advertising. Independent programs such as MWconn here remedy for you. The program was originally developed to facilitate the usage on mobile devices with small screen resolution or low power. To achieve this, MWconn is designed with two objectives: a minimum load for the processor and little need for main memory and a minimum amount of space on the monitor. These functions even today characterize the program and you are free of charge.

MWconn available as freeware on Windows version XP and under different Linux derivatives. In addition to many other information that makes the program available, it displays the transmission speeds and system and network information, logs the Internet session and has an option to control your computer via SMS or call.

Description of the version: MWconn

MWconn is the tool to use the mobile Internet regardless of the device manufacturers and network providers. Meanwhile, the program is a standard application that is often recommended and one for the mobile use of the Internet has become standard of kind of. Since the last major release is the SMS function is integrated, since continuous improvements and fixes are made. The program remains but remains faithful to his principles and provides you with a size of 300 KB with all important functions.

Features of the current version of MWconn

• Tool for connecting and monitoring mobile Internet connections
• Regardless of the mobile network and the hardware
• Freeware with German shell
• Available for Windows and Linux
• Computer control via SMS or call

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