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Music label 2010 is a great help in archiving and extensive music collections.



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Music Label

Who is passionately engaged in music, usually at some point comes to a point where he loses track of your music collection. Because music can be not only on various types of recordings, but also in music, a program that facilitates the cataloguing of your collection would bring very flexible features. Music label 2010, there is finally a software that is well suited to the cataloging of analog recordings, such as LP and MC, as well as CDs and music files.

Music label 2010 works? That very depends on what you want to archive. Cataloging your music is likely to be the easiest way: simply insert the CD in your CD or DVD drive, click "Insert CD by scanning" click, and already refers to music label 2010 automatically all the relevant information about the CD, as well as a cover illustration of "compact disc database" (CDDB), a database with currently 7.6 million entries. Scanning music files on your computer or for example your external hard drive is even easier. Select the appropriate folder, confirm, something wait, and even music label 2010 generates a list of all the audio files on your computer. Music cassettes, vinyl LPs or tapes for example must be entered manually in music label 2010, are then also stored in your database for once. In addition to the title and performer of each file, you can add course information about the title of the album, the label, or the year of publication.

In addition to a comfortable search function that will detect any imaginable search parameter, all recordings in your archive, music label 2010 offers you a practical "loan"-function, with which you can hold on who you when what recordings have awarded. MP3-, you can play by the way out FLAC or other music files from music label 2010 in your default media player.

What has everything to offer music label 2010:

• enables the cataloguing every kind of sound recordings
• scans CDs and matches them with CDDB
• supports all popular digital music formats
• has a sophisticated search function
• can play music files on request
• allows the export of lists in HTML, PDF, EXCEL, etc.

Music label 2010 as a miracle solution for music collectors

Music label 2010 may significantly facilitate the collecting and archiving of music. Not only that you always have a good overview with music label 2010 about your recordings - you keep can exclude so also, you accidentally to once again buy a CD or record. You can test two weeks music label 2010 as a free download with all features, then the program must be purchased and registered.

Description of the version: Music Label

Music label 2010 is an absolute enrichment for any DJ not only: also as a home user, the program offers you a range of great features: you can finally catalog your files, that store the actual CD cover directly with the respective track and see important data, such as for example the label right off the bat. Now use the trial version for Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000.

The coolest features of music label 2010

• Search for the own PC helps you keep track of your CDs
• Drop your music files professionally
• Free trial

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