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Music Editor free is a great software for composing and editing music.



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Music Editor Free

Music Editor free is exactly the software you were looking for, if you like to own music pieces to create or edit existing. Also the CD ripping is easily possible with the program.

If you like to own music tracks to create or edit others, you're at the music editor free fully at your expense. With the software, you can easily compose your own songs or edit voice recordings. Possible is also the input and editing of already existing songs. You either directly from the hard disk or a disk in the software can download the songs. Great extra: the music editor free works as well as a tool to rip music CDs.

Just after downloading of the desired song it can go. With a variety of tools and effects you can give the title a whole new and individual sound. When you're done with the editing, you can either as a WAV file on your computer storing the result (then it is available also for future edits available), or you can burn it directly to CD or DVD. It may not be easier: with just a few clicks of the mouse you have created your own audio CD.

The music editor free convinces with a clear user interface. The tools to edit the songs explain practically by itself, so that even laymen have no problems to use the software. The program's free as a download available. To use it, you need at least 24 MB of disk space on your PC or laptop and a Windows operating system that is not older than Windows 2000 now get the music editor free – right after downloading and installing, you can get started with composing and let your imagination run wild.

Description of the version: Music Editor Free

The music editor free allows you it just got easier and easier, to compose their own music or edit existing. Even better tools and a more user-friendly interface make the music editing a pure pleasure. You can save your finished tracks as WAV file on your computer or directly to a disk. Ripping the songs from CD is done virtually by the way. So, the music editor free is not only great for composing and editing music, but also for ripping.

The new music editor free at a glance

• User-friendly interface of the software
• Better tools and effects for better and more individual results
• Easy operation for Laity
• Even more fun when composing or editing

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