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With Mupen64 you can make your PC fast and easy fit for your game classic.



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The software Mupen64 is easy. With one click you can download Mupen64 in short time on your PC. The program works under the operating systems Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP/Vista fine. However, to enjoy your games smoothly, you need a similarly fast processor. If you are no longer going to use the software, you can uninstall it again just as quickly: it leave during the uninstall of Mupen64 any data on your computer.

A classic that runs well on your PC with Mupen64, is for example Mario Kart. The sound effects are transmitted faithfully with Mupen64 on your computer. Also the popular kinematics and the graphics are perfectly come with Mupen64. Who has believed this game already lost, can celebrate a resurrection of his favourite pastime through the program. Of course, you can play other games by various manufacturers such as wave race and power tennis. The software was developed further so that it is compatible with as many games to allow the reading on the home PC lovers of classic. The games themselves are not included in the software, but they can be downloaded on the Internet.

You can select the language for the interface itself with Mupen64 – the software is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch. With Mupen64, even multiplayer games are no problem. Just games like Mario Kart we make several players especially enjoy. The design is simple and intuitive held, fun is in the foreground. Possible individual settings in the sound and graphics area according to your own preferences.

Mupen64's advantages at a glance:

• Free download
• Console-like feeling on your computer
• The only requirement: a faster processor
• Emulates graphics, sound effects, and kinematics
• Easy configuration
• Compatible with many different games

The story of Mupen64

The developers have worked on the latest version of Mupen64 a year, to develop the useful additions and upgrades. The drive of the team was the desire to develop a free software, with which you can play older games on the PC. The joint work on a platform has networked the globally dispersed group of developers. The first version was Mupen64 on all major Windows operating systems only for Linux, now works.

Description of the version: Mupen64

With the new and available for you to download version of Mupen64 there are a number of improvements to the program core itself. Also for the Windows and Linux versions. All improvements to the core alone serves 24 in number, of increased stability and troubleshooting, as well as a higher speed, as this was the main problem of Mupen64 so far and is now fixed with the new release.

Features of the new version 0.5 of Mupen64

• new program core with 24 improvements
• new version is more stable and faster
• Windows and Linux versions were specifically revised
• easy to port to other operating systems

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