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Mumble allows phoning on the Internet even if a game was started.



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With mumble you can make calls on the Internet with your friends - even if by the way a game or other program is running. The software encrypts the talks so that an eavesdropping by unauthorized persons is foreclosed.

Mumble is suitable for online conference calls of all kinds. The voice quality is consistently good and understandable, the safety precautions can be also: curious third parties can not listen through an encryption technique, what you do with your interlocutors to talk about you.

Mumble is especially interesting if you like to play online games: because the software works even if another program has been started, you can communicate to your hearts content during a game. Especially team-based games such as the battlefield and call of duty series require good communication of the team members to achieve the predetermined goal - mumble supports these games just like the popular online RPG World of Warcraft, where also a very important role to the conversation with your companions. In many games, mumble can make use of the positional audio function - this means that your teammate of his in-game position on voice penetrates over, which ensures additional atmosphere especially when shooters and other action games. The list of supported games is constantly updated by the developers and is available on the Internet.

Mumble includes a German Wizard, which guides you through the installation process. Then he helps you correctly set up the software on your system, so that everything runs smoothly. Then you simply connect you with one of the listed servers, and already you can make calls with one or several partners.

Description of the version: Mumble

The 1.2.3 version from mumble was still times thoroughly revised and equipped with many new features. The filter function for background noise was improved so that the quality of the language appears even clearer - even if it is even louder in the background. With the new recording function, conversations can be recorded now, also you can assign priorities to the interlocutors - talks about the most important, then the others are quietly switched. The installer and the overlay were also revised, a number of minor bug has been fixed.

These innovations offers you mumble 1.2.3

• Even better voice quality by filtering
• Recording function allows the recording of calls
• Prioritize of individual conversation partners
• Revised Installer and improved overlay
• Several small bugs have been fixed

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