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The multiple image resizer .NET allows for the batch processing of large photo collections.



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Multiple Image Resizer .NET

The multiple image resizer .NET allows the editing of photos in a speed you not thought possible. The multiple image resizer .NET manipulated image archive in one go.

One of the long-winded tasks in everyday computer is if photo files in large quantities in their size must be adjusted. If you have large folder of photos from your digital camera and friends with hundreds or thousands of photos, this may take a while. With the multiple image resizer .NET, you now have the opportunity to simplify this particularly annoying task optimally. Just tell the program, how you want to have your photos, and the multiple image resizer .NET does all the work for you. It has never been so easy, to edit even particularly extensive photo archives. The multiple image resizer .NET can make a real contribution to increase your work speed and will help simplify the work with your photo archives in the future. Try the best just the tool!

The multiple image resizer .NET is particularly easy to use and will allow you manipulate whole photo stocks within a few seconds. If you want, you can rotate your images, reflect the contents, change the image size, and add a text to the photos. With the multiple image resizer .NET are no boundaries set in fast changing of your images.

The development of multiple image resizer .NET
The image editing tool multiple image resizer .NET is being developed by the team of programmers by acumen business systems. The company headquartered in the United Kingdom is committed to all the subject of imaging and constantly adjusts his project to the latest developments in the market.

Description of the version: Multiple Image Resizer .NET

The multiple image resizer .NET in the new version 4.0 is now an even more powerful tool when it comes to editing your photos. The improved quality of output GIF files will convince certainly you are now much sharper represented. If you want, you can now load profiles in the multiple image resizer .NET v2 format in the program. Now other input via the command line available, with which the program can be once much easier control are also professionals.

The new features of the multiple image resizer .NET 4.0

• GIF files have a significantly higher output quality
• Multiple image resizer .NET v2 profiles in the format can be loaded
• Additional commands for the command line

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