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Mufin Player helps you to keep your music collection at any time.



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Mufin Player

Mufin player is a tool to easily manage of digital music collections. In addition the software, also from on the road to access their music and numerous features for accessing social networking opportunity.

Mufin Player helps you to maintain an overview at any time in your music collection. The software creates a musical fingerprint, which contains the characteristic features of a song title, such as instrumentation, tempo, sound density or rhythm for each of your stored music. On the basis of this musical fingerprint, you can put together similar songs using the Mufin player and create such playlists for any mood.

The software has to offer many extras: so you can mark your Favorites anytime soon to be able to access them. In addition, cover holds Mufin player features such as album, so that you can professionally manage your music library. The program is not only something for your home – with the accompanying web app you can use Mufin player directly in the browser and access your music files stored at from any computer. At you is a free space of 1 GB available. With the software you can also on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter access, and keep your friends at all times informed what song you're listening. There are these applications Mufin widgets that support the networking of your Mufin library for users of iTunes, MySpace and Facebook. With Mufin player, you can expand your music collection also: to do this you have to register only for free on the official website. Then, you gain access to music recommendations, in which you can listen online and buy them in favor and download directly. Also, you can save your CD collection into MP3 files with the program and burn mix CDs.

If you want to experience these features, you can download the new freeware version of the Mufin player under the button "Download" with us. Of course free of charge!

Description of the version: Mufin Player

The current version of the Mufin player can come up with some interesting innovations. So there is the possibility that you're using the player directly in a browser - and to do so you must not necessarily sit on the local computer: with the appropriate Web app you can access from anywhere on your music stored at It's a free space of 1 GB available. The Mufin player can also be used also in some other applications such as Facebook, Twitter and iTunes.

Mufin player - the most important innovations at a glance

• Access your music from any computers with the appropriate Web app
• Integration with social networks like Facebook
• After free registration access to new music in the shop
• Mobile use with Android phones possible

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