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If you want to discover new music without blinkers, try base the Mufin music Finder!



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Mufin Musicfinder Base

What base especially makes the Mufin music Finder, is the way that it looks like more songs to each of your songs. In your own music collection, but also on the World Wide Web. Musiklieber are you probably himself always on the lookout for new bands and are looking for exactly the band that sounds like the song by a band that you especially like. Here base assist the Mufin music Finder. To analyze the song, rhythm, melody, instrumentation, regardless of genre and artist. To base the Mufin music Finder often finds songs that surprise yourself. You'll discover songs from your music collection, which would otherwise probably lost. If your own collection still not enough for you, base on the Internet searches the Mufin music Finder for the appropriate music for you.

Otherwise the Mufin music Finder has everything to offer base, what distinguishes a good music player. The music can by artist, album, year, or genre. This base uses the Mufin music Finder the ID3 tag system here, compared to many other players, also superb works. If your data are not complete, which extends Mufin music Finder base the missing data simply by using the MAGIX AudioID technology from the Internet. In addition you can with the music Finder Mufin music simply pull on the PC base CDs or burn your new favorite playlist on CD. Your MP3 player can be quite easily using the Mufin music Finder synchronize base, so that you're always the right music in.

Base you can download the music Finder Mufin comfortably with us for free.

The features of the Mufin music Finder base at a glance

• Discover your music collection new and let you put together a playlist for just your mood.
• Searching base Mufin music Finder on the Internet for the appropriate music for you.
• Copy your music on the PC or burn it back to CD.
• Meet base music lovers all over the world via the online community the Mufin music Finder.
• Sync your MP3 player and feed it with your new favorite playlists.
• The MAGIX audio ID technology completes your faulty or incorrect ID3 tags.

The Internet community

The Mufin GmbH is focused in 2005 on, to analyze listening habits. However they have broken the rigid patterns of artist and genre this and looked much deeper. You take apart the songs, look, put him back together and see what song is also similar to. Come out base is the Mufin music Finder. Currently, the database of Mufin GmbH includes approximately 8.3 million different songs. A huge treasure trove of music. This is also a huge Internet community, because each user feeds the database with new songs. Here, thousands of music fans interact, assess and discuss.

Description of the version: Mufin Musicfinder Base

The current version of the Mufin music Finder base can now come up with some useful new features and offers you the possibility to assemble your music collections more efficient and sinniger. The categorization according to styles and note sequences, which recognizes the program now even more reliable for you and so the assignment in genre folders you have created can be made. New is also that the software automatically webspace is provided you, your songs to stream.

Innovations of the current version of the Mufin music Finder base

• Available on provided webspace for streaming of songs
• Improved UI in edit mode
• reliable mapping by revision of the detection algorithms
• Clearer structuring in folder list

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