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Small but powerful: With mpTrim you can cut your MP3 files to a high gloss and Polish.



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The name of mpTrim actually self explanatory the small, handy tool. It is a sound editor that you can use to edit your MP3 files, without before converting them to WAV files.

mpTrim is a small, free Jack of all trades. 213 Kilobytes slim, it contains all the survival functions that you need to bring your MP3 files on front man. If you feel a little Déjà vu in the name, then it is not about. Prior to being renamed, mpTrim was known as mp3Trim.

The large, practical benefits, brings the mpTrim with it, lies in its lack of WAV conversions. Where similar programs can require an intermediate step and only edit WAV files, mpTrim directly accesses the MP3 files and changed them. With the small, compact sound editor you are able to remove noise such as noise or clicks as well as unwanted white spaces at the beginning or end. Also fade in and fade out features are not unknown to the program and offer you complete freedom when mixing your tracks. Also the new MP3PRO format represents more for mpTrim no problem.

The sound editor supports all Windows operating systems from Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, XP, Vista and of course Windows 7. The standard version of the programs is English, can be but also lets you download the German translation file on the manufacturer's website and save it off in the appropriate folder. However, a restriction has the program: you can edit so only songs with a maximum length of seven minutes. Tracks which go beyond this brand, used the paid Pro version of mpTrim which is available on the website of the manufacturer.

Description of the version: mpTrim

Free sound there are editors on the Internet such as sand on the sea, but few are as small and compact as mpTrim, who holds a considerable repertoire of tools in his 213 kilobytes. The program is like a Swiss army knife that holds everything you need for audio-technical survival in the smallest space. The current version 2.1.3 has several function improvements. So, the fade tools and compatibility with older versions of Windows have been revised.

The current version of mpTrim offers you:

• Small sound editor that dominates the main functions
• Cut, fade in, fade out, noise reduction u.v.m.
• Improved compatibility with older Windows systems
• In multiple languages available - also in German

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