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With Mp3splt MP3 and OGG files with extra long finally belong to the past.



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Mp3splt is a small, free and very useful program that allows you to cut your MP3 or OGG files without having to re-encode it and put an end thus contiguous pieces of music or audio CDs ripped as a whole.

The open-source software Mp3splt proves itself a very useful and free companion, if you want to record MP3 or OGG files quickly and easily. The cutting points you can set either manually or using the CDDB function, which detects with data from the Internet itself, as it must divide a whole album. The program is written in English, but is also non-English users quickly understand - is the intuitive user interface thanks to.

Mp3splt is there for the die-hard user with a graphical interface - the so-called GTK version, which you can download directly here - or as a command line option. The surface proves to be a tidy and sophisticated arrangement that quickly understand even for untrained users. Mp3splt supports ID3v1 and ID3v2 Audacity label data tags, and cooperates with XMCD - CDDB - and CUE - files. The program has automatic silence detection and is also capable of automatically to edit your audio data using predefined settings and save.

The audio-editing software supports almost all popular Windows systems, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 versions for Mac OSX and Linux can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer's website. The installation file is only slim 11.2 megabyte in size and fits also on computers, which is overflowing with MP3 files. Try the freeware program today, and you'll want to be more on your beloved music collection no other program.

Description of the version: Mp3splt

The version 0.6.1 of Mp3splt offers an export feature now for CUE data, the program remembers preset window sizes and positions and runs well, without previously to be installed. Also, numerous smaller and bigger bugfixes have been undertaken to make even more stable and reliable the audio editing software. There some new documentation AIDS were settled in addition, which quickly provide assistance on common issues.

The version 0.6.1 of Mp3splt offers you:

• New export function for CUE data
• New reminder to preset window sizes and positions
• Start the program without installation possible
• Various large and small bug fixes

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