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MP3myMP3 is an efficient recording software for recording of the sound card output.



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MP3myMP3 Recorder

Music lovers are often faced with a very besstimmten question: what software do I use to record music? This question is therefore not always easy to answer, as the choice of recording tools is dependent on the source of the recording. While CDs can be copied easily, it is already difficult when recording from external devices, for example a turntable with preamp, or from Internet. All these audio sources have however one thing in common: they use the sound card in your computer. MP3myMP3 listens "" the sound card in your computer and lets you to record anything you can hear through your speakers.

MP3myMP3 offers you two recording formats: one of course MP3, which lets you create small audio files, and on the other hand WAV, which is suitable for the lossless recording. While the software brings but also features, known only from expensive audio suites: so is the tool able to detect pauses between tracks and automatically split recording into tracks. This is especially beneficial when you want to digitize LPs. MP3myMP3 is especially useful, if you want to record online streams. If you want to go, record MP3myMP3 podcasts or radio streams it can. But be careful: any computer-generated noises, so Windows sounds, Windows Messenger sounds and so on, are absorbed, if you they not previously stummschaltest.

As a playback tool MP3myMP3 cooperates with all codecs installed on your computer by the way and thus also suitable as an ideal all-round Media Player. MP3myMP3 selbstverständich also allows you to create playlists and manage. If you do not want to enter title or cover CD, uses the program to download the contact disc database (CDDB), an online music directory to track list and cover files. Especially useful: With the so-called batch renaming, you can rename entire albums or the contents of the music folders in just a few steps and with track numbers. MP3myMP3 shines with a superbly structured be robe area and in addition also still really good looks. Click on the download button to download the program to you right here.

Features MP3myMP3:

• Record audio streams and external sources
• Exports data to MP3 or WAV
• Allows you to set the bit rate of the MP3
• Media Player feature
• Playlist function
• Free of charge

MP3myMP3 - free recording solution

MP3myMP3 is one of these programs, which are not only by their performance, but also by their price. And this is in the case of MP3myMP3 equal to zero. You can free download MP3myMP3 and come to the discharge Wickern willingly donating, if you want.

Description of the version: MP3myMP3 Recorder

The new version 3.1 of the MP3myMP3 recorder lets you batch renaming, which means nothing else than renaming files in a big way now. With just a few mouse clicks you can rename at once multiple files to. In addition, you're now with MP3myMP3 able to create playlists, rip CDs to pause the current recording to resume, and to examine the recordings with the help of a silence detection.

With the new MP3myMP3 recorder still more flexible work with sound recordings

• New batch renaming function
• New playlist function
• Integrated CD-Ripper for lighter work
• Ability to pause current recording
• New silence detection feature

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