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With the mp3directcut, you can quickly & easily cut mp3 files without annoying formatting.



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In order to be able to use mp3directcut, the file that is being modified must exist on the PC. To do this, you can absorb just about contributions from the radio and save them in mp3 format. The program mp3directcut is capable of editing the recorded file in this format, without more description in the wave format immediately. Quick and easy: Take the file download, or open in the program mp3directcut and edit - done! So, you save you tiresome transcodes, much trouble and loss of data.

The software mp3directcut is a free download available for the following operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7. Program configuration, you can select the desired language, also German is available. Then you can easily get started with the mp3directcut.

Mp3directcut starts with a small simple window. You can get here easily by "Opening" to your audio file in mp3 format through the program. Once the file is open, a new image appears: you're now against a large blue background the MPEG viewer. Here, you can easily browse, edit, and preview. Also copy and paste here very easily manage, the user interface is clear and simple. When editing the file should be taken but one thing especially: a distinction between cue (cutting points) and cut (cuts). Deletes with cut-outs, cutting points the songs be split later. Two editing options of mp3directcut can be easily combined.

Functions in the mp3directcut

• Four options: MPEG display, navigate, edit & preview
• Cut: desired points mark & "Change"
• more correction possibilities: tuning, copy & paste
• Cutting: Points mark, preview & "Cut"
• possible here: "cue-flags"
• Save to shared or common file.

After editing the file with the program mp3directcut should always be observed the changes to save, in order to avoid losses. Here is distinguished in "divided save" and "save everything", so depending on whether a single file with or without applied cuts should be made. The files can be stored in a specific folder in here and newly named. Also, there is the possibility to save a so-called project file in the mp3directcut. "Logbook" the previous procedures saved as compressed by the program mp3directcut, doing the mp3 file does not change. This allows you easily to interrupt your work and continue later at the last point in the mp3directcut.

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