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The MP3 Maker 16 has received a friendly user interface and adds new features.



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MP3 Maker

Music downloads are not uncommon from the Internet more. Unfortunately they are often stored on your PC as WAV file. It looks similar, when you save a title from your own CDs on the computer. To create MP3 files from it, you need a reasonable converter. The MP3 Maker 16 is exactly the right tool to edit your music files. He supported a number of other file formats as for example ACC, MP4, WMA, OGG, and FLAC MP3 Maker 16. MP3 Maker 16 is so can be used to convert almost all popular music file formats. You can edit directly but also music pieces of these file formats with the MP3 Maker 16.

The program of the MP3 Maker 16 includes but also the software, which makes you a real DJ. The console view of the MP3 Maker 16 puts you in the position to mix different songs and also on a CD to burn the new arrangement. You create the files as MP3 files and therefore your new hits on any commercially available DVD or MP3 player can be played. Another important program component of MP3 Maker 16 is "mufin". Thus you can create automatic playlists. Mufin it detects similar songs so that the compilation should really suit your taste.

The new RIP dialog in the MP3 Maker 16 is a feature that better supports first and foremost listen to audiobooks. The 3d vision feature puts you in the position to make your very own world of music. With the new integrated quick search you can find much faster than usual each of your favorite songs also. The MAGIX MP3 Maker 16 in this new version allows you even to out quite legally download Internet songs from directly from the program. In addition, the user interface has been designed better. The Internet radio is also given.

New functions and features in the MAGIX MP3 Maker 16

• Complete DJ software
• Management of own song archive
• Create automatic playlists
• Internet radio reception
• Free trial for 30 days by the manufacturer
• Better feature for audiobooks

System requirements

The MP3 Maker 16 is suitable for the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. There is the possibility to download a trial version, which is valid for 30 days. The download size is 133.3 megabytes. After 30 days, the license for the MAGIX must be purchased for a fee MP3 Maker 16. You can now order but also the complete software package. The costs 39.99 Euro.

Description of the version: MP3 Maker

So music makes listening more fun: with the new MP3 Maker MAGIX is a totally new experience listening to your favorite songs. The improved in the new version and still clearer user interface allows quick access to stored titles. With the hit-Finder, new songs can be found and downloaded. The music browser helps you reliably search for new titles and artists.

The MP3 Maker 16: All the advantages at a glance

• Improved user interface
• Easy drag-and-drop
• Filter function helps to organize
• Find music using the music browser
• Download new songs with hit-Finder
• Send music to mobile phone or MP3 player

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