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MozBackup is a tool for backing up settings in various Mozilla programs.



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MozBackup helps you to back up your settings and data in various programs or to save. So you can't lose it and have to start on a new installation, not from the front.

MozBackup is - as the name suggests a program or a tool -, which Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, you Flock for the Mozilla programs, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spicebird, Songbird, postbox, Wyzo and Netscape can use. You use E.g. Firefox as your browser, then you can make all possible settings and save. For example, you can save all pages that you frequently use as a bookmark and sort. In the bookmarks bar, you can add such as the most important as buttons; a small logo or a designation of yours tells you what kind of a website it is. With the help of MozBackup, you can save all of this data, so you can import them on another computer, for example - at the University or at work - in Firefox. Especially in the case, if you need to reinstall the program because of a virus or after a format, so your settings are backed up, and you can import it then quite simply again.

Also at Thunderbird - and of course many other programs - you can make this backup your settings and data. Here you can save your settings for your mail folders and above all your contacts in the address book, and thus at any time in the program Thunderbird import. So, do you lose any of your data, and will save a lot of work at a new installation or the application on another computer. Also, you can save all your stored passwords from the various logins and save your history, cookies, and various sidebars. All in all will help you to save all your program settings, so you can import them easily later MozBackup.

Description of the version: MozBackup

The version 1.5.1 of MozBackup is compatible with the new Firefox 4 If you are using this new version of the Internet browser, so you can save your settings, and import. Your back-ups can be now also greater than 4 GB. Also, you can also download a German language file and install, so you can use the Mozilla tool also on German. The download size of the tools is 1011.6 KByte and is completely free of charge. You can use it with all Windows operating systems from Windows 98.

Secure your settings with MozBackup 1.5.1

• Keep your mail folders in Thunderbird
• Store all your contacts in the address book
• Secure all bookmarks in Firefox
• Histories and cookies
• Side bars
• Secure stored passwords

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