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The entertaining Mousometer sidebar gadget gives you information about your mouse movements.



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Mousometer Sidebar Gadget

Mousometer sidebar gadget is an extension for the computer desktop through which you can determine how many metres does your mouse on the day and a total. Thus, the funny gadget brings you new insights.

Who says that there is no sport to sit before the computer should look at, over what distances he forward day moves his mouse with his own hand. The Mousometer sidebar gadget is a unique extra that shows you how long are the routes that has moved the mouse on this day and throughout its entire existence. This whole new looks to your computer activities be opened you and you're going to firmly impressed, what distances your mouse overcomes a day. Now you can try to beat the results of the previous day - or however you make, to get some more rest your mouse. Also how fast the mouse pointer moves, and you can, if you then try the fastest you also appears, to be Mausbeweger of the world. With the Mousometer sidebar gadget you have an overview of all movements of the hand on your mouse. Another funny extra is the display of the ground, which means you will be notified when your mouse might once have circled the world.

The Mousometer sidebar gadget you can integrate either in the sidebar or you put it directly on the desktop. The data in a relatively small window in an appealing, simple design from different shades of blue are shown. From top to bottom, the total distance traveled is to read the today achieved distance and average speed. If you click on the gadget, you will receive further information such as the speed and the number of accomplished orbits.

Description of the version: Mousometer Sidebar Gadget

The latest version Mousometer sidebar presents gadget 1.3 with some improvements. The usability and functionality have been optimized so that you can now better control the mouse movements. For the measurement, computer resolution and screen size will be calculated and taken into account. A crucial development of version 1.3 is that you can publish your mileage online. The version 1.3 works with Windows Vista and Windows 7, while users of older systems can download the gadget in its own programme.

The features of the new version Mousometer sidebar gadget 1.3

• Improved functionality and ease of use
• Publishing your kilometers booth in the Internet
• Precise calculation with consideration of resolution and screen size
• Optimum functionality with Windows Vista and Windows 7

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