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The Mousometer is an applet for Windows that documented mouse drag way and speed.



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Every day we must put back long way under utmost effort. Several hundred thousand kilometers on foot or on the bike come together in a whole life, but who expects to do this already wide walks the mouse Coursers? It is Mousometer!

How to measure the distance traveled by a Mauscourser? If you do not want to perform statistical surveys with a tape measure and a stop watch in front of the screen, then you can also simply download the Mousometer, which performs this important task. This works the program considering the screen size and current resolution, which you have just set. If you want, you may have the results delete after a session and a re boot of the computer, or you start a long-term measurement of the wide paths of the Coursers.

The software will be shown either on the desktop or works without notice, if you only want to review the results at the end of the work or computer game day. Mousometer takes little system resources and can run comfortably in addition to other programs, it measures the paths and speeds accurately, even if your computer should be easily overloaded.

The results you can document and analyze, so a small record attempt in the Schnellziehen of the mouse is sometimes quite funny if there is otherwise nothing to do now. In any case, Mousometer is a funny applet for Windows, which is available free for Vista as a sidebar gadget. The latest version is available also for Windows 98 and Windows XP, the owners of older operating systems at their own expense. You'll wonder what all it has your mouse, with Mousometer, you get really desire to train your click - and drag skills on new bests!

Description of the version: Mousometer

The latest version 3.0 of Mousometer is a still happier tool for all mouse enthusiasts through a thorough revision of design and functionality. The new Mousometer has been optimized software, so that the measurements of the mouse movement made more precisely than in previous versions. Also, the UI and general design was revised and all designed. Finally, you can download the latest version of the Mousometer applet for the Vista Sidebar.

The most important changes in version 3.0 by Mousometer

• Better design and more options
• More streamlined programme structure for a more stable running
• Also for the sidebar available
• Removed errors and bugs from previous versions

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