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Mountain bike challenge 2010 is about the Grand Prize, you have to train for the but.



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Mountainbike Challenge 2010

Mountain bike challenge 2010 is a 3D racing game with many downhill routes, where you have to prove your skills. It goes over mountains and through valleys. Show your skills on the bike, and compete against other online players.

Mountain bike challenge 2010, you can test your skills on the bike and compete online against other players. A special prize will, when you win the big race. The game is available free of charge and installed itself on your Windows machine. The control is very simple, however, need you can participate some time for training, so you against the big players.

At the beginning, you specify the facilities of your bike and the track. Then begins the training, in which you can increase your performance. The graphics are in 3D and boasts many details. In mountain bike challenge 2010, you can't ride known downhill stretches and you enjoy the breathtaking nature. After training, the qualification where you should follow the prescribed times to be qualified for the great online racing takes place. Then it's the Grand Prize. Here only the most expert skiers compete. Show them who's the Champ in the race and grab the trophy.

The downhill bikers is controlled using the arrow keys. With them, you can use the gas pedal and the brake. Find the appropriate line to reach the goal as fast as possible. The best you can find out already the fastest times before participating in a race, to to adapt your training. There are countless online racing, in which you can win high. To among the best in the industry, where you have lots of practice however, because your opponents in mountain bike challenge 2010 are very good and fast.

Description of the version: Mountainbike Challenge 2010

In mountain bike challenge 2010, you train for the Grand Prize. Here, you can prove your skills on the bike and improve your performance. In the qualifying race, you need to get the best of times, so that you can take part in the great online racing. But be careful: your opponents are not lazy. Only the best compete in these races and compete for the Grand Prize. You can learn and vote so your training on the fastest times on the leaderboard. With easy control, you can find your ideal line sure fast.

You will find that mountain bike challenge 2010

• Time training on stunning routes
• Qualifying race for the big final
• Online racing with thousands of players all over the world
• The Grand Prize for the winner

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