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Motion dive.Tokyo is for every VJ and easy to use an outstanding mixing program.



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Motion Dive .Tokyo

You want to be always your own DJ or it even? Get ready for the next level, because with motion dive.You now have the opportunity to become a real video DJ Tokyo. Motion dive.Tokyo is an outstanding piece of software that will introduce you to the world of video mixing. Pure mix of tracks belongs to the past. If you still want to attract attention, you should better to motion dive.Attack Tokyo. The program really offers you all the functions you need to create your own videos for live performances from a variety of sources. Just download your virtual video mixer down, and check out the possibilities that it offers you. You can all your ideas and that to actually implement in that with an easy-to-use interface.

Motion dive.Tokyo gives you a full-featured mixing console on the hand. You can mix not only on very conventional way tracks, but all videos. Take out your collection of clips about what you can find and load it into motion dive.In Tokyo. There mix video and audio in real time, or store the result for later presentations together. Everything is possible with this brilliant software.

You can make still mixes from other sources such as texts, and the like. The possibilities are in motion dive.Tokyo really no limits. I don't think that motion dive.Be difficult to dominate Tokyo. The starting point for the program will easily fall friends even particularly. Use the plug-function in to further expand the possibilities of the software.

Other features of motion dive.Tokyo:

Choose resolution •
• Set the start and end of the visuals
• Full-screen mode
• Synchronize the length of videos
• Scratch function
• Runs on Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP

The developers of motion dive.Tokyo

Motion dive.Tokyo is programmed by the Japanese company Digitalstage and operates since 2003 in the Western market. Since 1998, but already is motion dive.Tokyo on the Japanese market, where it has gone his way around the globe. You can watch motion dive.Tokyo download a free trial and make your first attempts as a VJ. You were the first, who is impressed by the software, and in his work fully that rely on their benefits.

Description of the version: Motion Dive .Tokyo

The English demo version of motion dive.Tokyo offers a good insight into the functions of this image editing software. The solution is aimed primarily at VJs, so video jockeys, who need to mix video and audio in real time. If you so want to flexibly to events on the events, motion is dive.Tokyo the right choice for you. About the supplied library, you can first make dry runs and work you into the software, before you go live.

Test version features motion dive.Tokyo 1.0

• Mix audio and video in real time
• ideal for video presentation at live events
• large library of video clips and stills
• intuitive user interface
• available for Windows and Mac

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