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The tuning software motherboard monitor is a useful tool to monitor the CPU temperature.



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Motherboard Monitor

Although driver cleaner PE only in the basic version is available, it features many friends already, to optimize the hardware of your computer. Generally, you can identify old driver files with the program and delete reliably in the connection. Also you have the possibility, using a filter on certain file types to include or exclude. The program is compatible with drivers from Realtek, NVIDIA, Intel, S3, ATI, creative, SIS, Turtle Beach, kX audio, SIS, 3Dfx, 3Dlabs, VIA and XGI.

• Track down old driver files
• Reliable delete of the remnants of old files
• Optimized hardware tuning
• Filter for single - or exclude of specific file types
• Supports including ATI, nVidia, creative, Realtek, SIS, 3Dfx and S3

Description of the version: Motherboard Monitor

The latest version of the software motherboard monitor provides you with informative information to the motherboard and the CPU of your computer. Using the tool, you will receive information about voltage, speed of the fan and the temperature of the main processor. She are acoustic or optical warning if a previously set temperature is exceeded. In this case, the processor is throttled. The lifetime of the CPU can be extended to, above all, if your computer is running long.

The most important functions of the motherboard monitor

• Monitoring the voltage, drive speed and temperature of the motherboard and CPU
• Permanent display of temperature in the system tray
• Establishment of certain temperature limit
• Throttle the processor if the limit is exceeded

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