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MorphVOX Pro offers hundreds of voices changes your own voice and background noise.



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MorphVOX Pro

Change your voice using MorphVOX.

MorphVOX Pro, you can surprise your contacts while chatting after a few minutes. A guide helps you to download step by step correctly to ensure the sound and microphone. Already, you can engage you in your communication program and speak. The trick here is that MorphVOX Pro change your voice at the moment while you're talking about. And MorphVOX Pro can do even more: the program using his voice algorithm after a short training period completely your voice adapts. This guarantees a flawless sound quality. Previously, click the profiles and from hundreds of voices, select the voice you want to try. You can talk to MorphVOX Pro as a child, a man, a woman, a robot, a ghost, a dwarf or a monster. If you want more choice, more votes simply download for MorphVOX Pro of a few friends.

Another feature you MorphVOX Pro still offers: it suppresses background noises or adds. Then you can do so in your chat, when you were in the supermarket or at an aerodrome. You can keep then all the fools! MorphVOX Pro has many features that distinguishes it. Maybe would you add your own sound effects or background noise? That is also possible. Change your voice with a single stroke - and come your friends in amazement. With audio alerts, you specify the time, and your clip will be played. So, your new video or audio project is intended for a blast.

Before you buy the MorphVOX Pro voice converter, you should try it out. Download a free trial version of MorphVOX Pro here. She is 15 days fully functional. Modified voices sound differently namely at each speaker.

Other features of MorphVOX Pro:

• most compatible communication programs
• ideal for online role-playing games
• is already running after a few minutes
• suitable for radio play and multiplayer games
• runs on operating systems WIN 2000/XP / Vista
• Quick voices change possible

The story of MorphVOX Pro

The American company Screaming Bee software of the highest quality that supports the creativity and communication of the user since 2005. Their flagship software is the voices MorphVOX Pro, which is used by players all over the world. Morph VOX Pro is used professionally in the field of education and for the operation of radio stations.

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