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MOORHUHN X is a version that will convince you with lot of wit, charm and action.



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Moorhuhn X

With Moorhuhn Kart succeeded the creators to create a new genre. But now, the Funshooter will again come at their expense. Even if GROUSE to be a successor of the first three parts of the Moorhuhn X, you'll see that this part is something special. MOORHUHN X was only a working title and now it is brought to you as a game. This game will again go with security in history. You'll see that MOORHUHN X will exceed all other grouse parts that you've met so far. Here you will encounter many old ideas and the desires of the fan community. This version is on it another one on the other games in terms of Witzigkeit and fun.

Compared to the old Moorhuhn games X has at GROUSE actually nothing changed in terms of gameplay. As in the other versions, you can grazing the landscape from the right to left and vice versa according to Moorhühnern and other birds. Press the arrow keys of your keyboard to the left or right or get scrolling with the mouse to the edge of the screen, so the landscape in this direction. If you want it faster, so you can combine X both versions also for GROUSE. As always, eight cartridges available are you at the beginning. You have to shoot with the left mouse button and charge you're doing your magazine with the right mouse button. You boot it your magazine, although it is still not entirely used up, so you get deducted five points. This is absolutely new in GROUSE X. That's why you should make the magazine always empty, before you load it up. What's also new at MOORHUHN X, is the representation of the landscape.

In contrast to the previous versions you get shown the graphic completely in 3D. Waiting is a cartoon-like game environment which is extremely funny. Also, X await you at GROUSE many funny animations, which will give you lots of laughs. At GROUSE X, there is no vast point opportunities, because the scale is relatively easy. MOORHUHN X were many combinations and built in gimmicks, but you will know well this. For the large grouse in the foreground, you get five points for the Middle ten points and the small 25 points.

Improvements at a glance

• New 3D graphics
• Simple point system
• Many gimmicks and combinations
• Control with mouse or keyboard
• Funny animation
• Perplexing puzzles

What operating system do you need?

To play MOORHUHN X on your computer you need Windows Vista/XP/ME/98 or 2000. MOORHUHN X you should have a processor from 800 MHz and a 256 MB memory.

Description of the version: Moorhuhn X

Moorhuhn-the classic is back! In the Xtreme version! A completely new design, a redesigned grouse, and for the first time running grouse make for an even better sense of shooting. The numerous tricks, puzzles and characters are managed. Where can you get dusting of particularly many extra points? Or you'll lose that here? Play alone or post your score to your friends. New graphics and new sounds fly and run the Grouse twice as well, until they come before your shotgun.

The latest version of Moorhuhn - Moorhuhn X

• new and improved graphics
• new and improved sound
• more grouse, grouse first running
• new sent hidden puzzles
• newly designed characters and new hunting destinations
• and also many surprises

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