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Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs is a fun shooting game for all who can not suffer grouse.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Moorhuhn Wanted 1.0 XS

In the game Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs, you're the new Marshall of the Wild West Kaffs gun city. A trigger-happy grouse gang terrorized the population. It is your job to protect the innocent population from the Desperados in the plumage at the game Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs. But the Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs gangsters are either unarmed or unprepared. Pull your Smith & Wesson and its Peacemakers at lightning speed, to shoot you out of the boots. They say Beware! But unfortunately, you're good. You can shoot just as the first.

For grouse-wanted-10-xs, is one who is the quicker and better shooter. In addition to the evil chickens Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs many has to offer carefully worked out details, you can also take under fire. Some hit brings you extra points in the backdrop of the Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs. Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs has a game level, called high chicken. And like in the famous movie of similar name you stand against the superiority of the Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs all alone. So grab your gun and make sure that the superiority of opponent at a grouse-wanted-10-xs takes off as quickly as possible. Because you win only, if bit also the last opponent at grouse-wanted-10-xs in the grass or in the dust.

But as an ambitious player and heroic Marshall you can afford no consideration. You wanted it so! So play Moorhuhn-wanted-10-xs, ride to gun city and worry once and for all for order. Gun city citizens will thank you. In the 3D-Kulisse of this game counts only the right of the stronger, so the better revolver shooters. Kill just as many chickens as possible, and let you in gun city as the new hero and Savior of widows and orphans celebrate. Finally heard a grouse on the plate and not in a band of pistoleros.

At a glance:

• no age rating
• free download
• Shooting game
Destroy grouse •
• Shoot back opponents
• many new details


You can play this game without ratings. The download of Moorhuhn wanted 10 xs is free, easy and takes only a few minutes. Then you can start directly, to send the criminal grouse to the devil. Times during the shooting the ammunition goes you, that's no problem. Simply shoot the cartridges on the left bottom of the screen, and your Colt has again filled all six chambers.

Description of the version: Moorhuhn Wanted 1.0 XS

In the Wild West city gun city is it hot. Here, there is the Grouse with a cowboy hat and a Smith & Wesson. The city is being terrorized by many Desperados and you need to intervene as Marshall and ensure law and order. A special highlight of this version is the level of "High chicken". You will meet your enemies in this level and challenge him to a duel. The faster and better shooter WINS!

Peculiarities of Moorhuhn wanted 1.0 XS

• 3D virtual environment in the game
• Additional level high chicken (duel with the enemy)
• additional items to make it go
• Bonus points for very good shooters

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